AICP Programs

Community Planning Assistance Teams

APA, through its professional institute AICP, organizes volunteer planning teams tailored specifically to a community's needs. Members offer their time and expertise to people and places where additional resources are needed. This program is supported by volunteer professionals, community contributions, and grant funding.

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Community Assistance Workshops

Get Involved in a Real Planning Effort

As part of the National Planning Conference, the American Institute of Certified Planners sponsors the Community Planning Workshop, a one-day event that engages community leaders, citizens, and guest planners in discussing and proposing specific solutions to urban planning challenges.

Student Awards

AICP Outstanding Student Awards

Theses awards recognize outstanding attainment in the study of planning at a Planning Accreditation Board–accredited planning programs by students graduating during the academic year of the award.

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AICP Student Project Awards

This award program recognizes outstanding class projects or papers by a student or group of students in Planning Accreditation Board–accredited planning programs.

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AICP Symposium

AICP hosted symposia on timely topics of interest to planners. On-demand CM credit is available for a wide variety of previous events.

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