"If I'd Heard From Just One Constituent..."

Words from Texas State Rep. Richard Peña Raymond offer reason enough to keep elected officials top-of-mind when engaging with planning issues.

Raymond spent time with chapter legislative leaders from across the country at the end of last year as they prepared for 2019 state legislative sessions.

What's one thing that has a significant impact on his decisions? Constituent voices.

Raymond offered a story from personal experience. "If I'd heard from just one constituent" he shared, that would have determined his vote on an issue about which he was still undecided.

A Snapshot of 2019 State Legislative Sessions

Over 40 states have concluded their sessions and enacted a budget for Fiscal Year 2020. Hot topics ranged from housing affordability to small cell infrastructure.

Now, let's take a look at the different ways planners worked to ensure elected officials continue to hear their voices at the state level:

Top image: Texas state capitol building in Austin. Getty Images photo.

About the Author
Catherine Hinshaw is APA's state government affairs associate.

July 16, 2019

By Catherine Hinshaw