AARP and APA Convene National Housing Experts

Local, regional, and national leaders in accessory dwelling units (ADUs) came together for a day of discussion last week in APA’s Washington, D.C., office. Leaders in attendance at the special Future of Housing Innovation Roundtable, led jointly by AARP and APA, explored how ADUs are working in practice and how best to help communities realize their many potential benefits.

APA and AARP have long advocated for local reforms that allow for more housing options in existing neighborhoods.

Experts’ insights shared at the roundtable will be used to shape a range of forthcoming products designed to help local leaders better understand ADUs and how they can be successfully used as a housing and livability tool.

Select Innovation Roundtable attendees also participated in a site visit that featured ADUs currently under construction or completed in neighborhoods throughout the DC region. The tour provided important local context for how city leaders, advocacy groups, and homeowners perceive ADUs and the regulatory and non-regulatory barriers associated with this housing option.

The convening was a part of APA’s Planning Home Initiative, which aims to reshape the way planning is used to address America’s housing affordability and availability crisis through communications, education, policy, and research.

December 12, 2018