City Planning and Management Division

The mission of the Division is to support public sector planners and managers in their roles to build inclusive and sustainable cities and communities.

Who We Are

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We are nearly 2,000 city-oriented planners and managers. We are a group of people who believe in strong and vibrant cities. We believe that we not only CAN make cities better, but we have a RESPONSIBILITY to.

We want to gain the best tools and learn the best techniques. We want to share experiences and good ideas. We want to learn from each other how to design and implement plans to ensure a brighter future for our residents, our businesses, and our property owners

We know that our work matters. Practical is better than theoretical. We have big issues to resolve. They include equity, climate change, displacement, aging infrastructure, food and home instability, health access and the changing business environment. And we face these issues with ever-shrinking budgets.

Our jobs are complex. They require finesse, determination, and quick wits. This Division serves as a support and resource center for all. This is a place to learn, to teach and to give back to a profession that feeds not just our bellies but our souls.

What we do for our members

The Division's 2023 work plan includes the following commitments to its members:

  • Two webinars on topics of interest to City Planners and Managers
  • Scholarships for AICP testing and study materials
  • Regularly scheduled Happy Hours for members to share ideas and explore relevant topics
  • Informative quarterly newsletters that celebrate our members and their accomplishments

How we all contribute

We need volunteers for several key activities and a bunch of smaller ones. For instance, if you can commit to manage our social media presence for a year, we have a spot for you. If you want to help organize one webinar, we have a spot for you. Big or small, one time or recurring. If you have a skill to offer, we have a need. Tell us what you want to do. You can contact us at our general email account at

Meet our Executive Committee

Margaret Wallace Brown, AICP, CNU-A

Margaret Wallace Brown, AICP, CNU-A



Aaron Henry

Aaron Henry



Bridgett White
Director of Administration

Bridgett White



Josh Clements
Director of Finance

Josh Clements




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