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How Can Planners "Create" Jobs?

What's the connection between planning and economic development? How you answer may depend on where you sit!

Attendees at the 2012 and 2013 APA National Planning Conferences heard discussions on the connections between planning and job creation. The Division would like to help you replicate that sort of conversation at your state chapter meetings or similar events.

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John Provo, APA Economic Development Division Chair-Elect
Director, Office of Economic Development, Virginia Tech

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Reshoring: The Urgent Need to Bring Manufacturing Back to America

March 27, 2015

CM | 1.5

American companies are on a quest to Reshore production. According to a 2014 study, 54% of US manufacturers over $1billion in revenue are considering Reshoring some or all of their manufacturing. Site evaluation and the correct site selection are critical to the success of these projects. Establishing manufacturing at the right site has an economic multiplier effect on communities. Manufacturing jobs pay well and workers use their wages to buy homes, cars and other goods in the local community. Everybody wins. Reshoring is a very popular idea among businesses, their customers and governments where jobs growth will have the most impact. But it's not that simple. Reshoring requires a carefully crafted journey through innovation, automation, localization of products and site/community selection. You will learn about the major components in this decision and what you need to develop a business case to bring manufacturing back to specific communities. We will also learn about some reshoring failures, where selecting the wrong site had devastating results.

Incentivizing your City Centers: Regional Connections through Mass Transit and Redevelopment

September 27, 2013

This session will focus on the kinds of incentives and planning tools that can be used that promote both redevelopment in the traditional centers of a city — those outside downtown — and the unification of those areas through mass transit. The session will cover the use of a variety of economic development incentives, form based codes implementation, and use of the Institute for Transportation Engineers Walkable Urban Thoroughfares Manual as a package for revitalization in El Paso, Texas.

Mathew McElroy, AICP, is Director of the City Development Department for the City of El Paso and oversees the Planning, Building Permits and Inspections, and Economic Development divisions. Prior to joining the City of El Paso, he served as the Associate Director of the Institute for Policy and Economic Development (IPED) at the University of Texas at El Paso. In his work at IPED, Mathew oversaw research operations. His work extended from redevelopment studies and housing to econometric forecasting, input-output based economic impact analysis, and geographic information systems (GIS). In his final year at UTEP, he co-led the team that won the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) National Award for Excellence in Policy Analysis for a bi-national industry cluster study. Mathew is a University of Texas at El Paso graduate of the English (BA) (1997), Master in Public Administration (2000), and Master of Science in Economics (2008) programs.

What NOT to Do: Lessons Learned from the Failure of Others

June 14, 2013

A wise person once said, "Learn from others' mistakes, you can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself." No one who has been a party to a failed development or was taken in by a fraudulent real estate scheme thought that the project would turn out badly for them or their municipality. Unfortunately, in the world of economic development there are plenty of examples of poorly designed projects, terrible advice, real estate fads, and clear fraud. As planners and economic developers, we have a duty to our clients to provide sound advice and analysis to protect the interest of the municipality, and ultimately the taxpayers. In this webinar we examine a few failed projects that damaged the financial position of the municipality that undertook them and consider what lessons we can learn from these unfortunate situations.

CM | 1.0

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