Tribal and Indigenous Planning Interest Group



To promote awareness, communication and action on tribal and indigenous planning issues for tribal and indigenous planners, peoples, nations and their non-tribal partners.


All planners and plans recognize, champion and prioritize tribal and indigenous planning issues.

Core Values

  • Community and Culture
  • Honor and Respect
  • Self-determination and Sovereignty

Focus Area Goals

  1. Communicate — Build a network of tribal and indigenous planners to share information, highlight opportunities, and showcase successful projects and planning efforts.
  2. Educate — Build capacity of tribal and non-tribal planners to better understand issues and topics that are unique and important to native nations and indigenous communities.
  3. Empower — Support tribal and indigenous planners to become strong allies and advocates for planning in tribal and indigenous communities.
  4. Engage — Grow a larger group of tribal and indigenous planners and students.
  5. Uplift — Assist tribal and indigenous planners as well as other APA interest groups and divisions address challenging planning issues in their communities.

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To learn more about our group or to get involved on our steering committee, or to volunteer for one of our coordinator positions please click the links below or email one of our current group coordinators. We look forward to hearing from you.


Interim Co-Lead, Sherwin Racehorse

Interim Co-Lead, Shelly Wade, AICP

Interim Communication & Engagement Coordinator, Ben Lubbers

Background Documents

Group Background & Overview

2020-2023 Strategic Plan (approved by Steering Committee 2/24/2020)

Stay In touch

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For other announcements and to dialogue with other Tribal and Indigenous Planners, join the Tribal and Indigenous Planning Interest Group LinkedIn group.

Information, Resources, and Training Opportunities

APA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion webpage

Western Planner website

Indian Land Tenure Foundation website

National Congress of American Indians website

U.S. Department of Arts and Culture - Guide to Native American Land Acknowledgments

University of Oregon Tribal Climate Change Project

Tribal Climate Adaptation Guidebook

Tribal Transportation Planning Organization

Tribal and Indigenous Planning Interest Group at NPC18

Tribal and Indigenous Planning Interest Group at NPC18