History of the Private Practice Division

The Division was initiated by Paul Sedway, who called the first organizational meeting in 1988 at the APA National Planning Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting was attended by over 40 persons engaged in private practice. Mr. Sedway presented the case for a division and nominated Carol Thomas to be the interim President. The purpose stated for the organization was:

  • Promote the quality of private practice.
  • Improve the quality of life as a private practitioner.
  • Increase the recognition of the value of planning in the private sector.
  • Improve the manner in which consultants are used.
  • Improve the image of the planner/private practitioner.

The group elected interim officers:

President: Carol Thomas
Vice-President: Stuart Turner
Secretary/Treasurer: James Prost
Newsletter Co-editors: Polly Carolin and Ramona Mullahey

The first newsletter was sent out in July of 1988. The division received official recognition from APA in October of 1988.