Transportation Planning Division Training

TPD is working on a slate of webinars for the rest of the year, through the Planning Webcast Consortium.

For a list of upcoming webinars, check out the calendar.

Got a great idea for a webinar? Interested in hosting or co-hosting? Contact Eric Howell or Brian Laverty for details.

Women and Transportation Planning: Understanding Gender Issues

March 7, 2014

1:00-2:30pm EST

Co-sponsored with the Planning and Women Division


Planning with Third Dimension: Linking Airports to Transportation Planning

January 18, 2013

The webinar described the physical constraints associated with development near airports, such as the placement of roads and interchanges, or other surface transportation in landside areas, airspace considerations, and security considerations associated with transportation/modal connections. It also touched upon funding incentives (and disincentives) for bringing modal service to airports. It discussed airports and travel trends, and provide a brief intermodal forecast to identify the type of airports that are most likely to eligible for transit development.


  • Lisa Harmon is an environmental planner with 20 years' experience with federal projects, 12 of which are associated specifically with aviation planning and development.
  • David Dietz, AICP, is an airport and environmental planner with over 35 years' experience with local and state agencies, and airport consulting.

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This webcast available for viewing only, it is not applicable for AICP CM credit.


Multimodal Wayfinding

July 12, 2013

Despite huge numbers of residents and visitors walking and using transit, most existing on-street directional information in New York City is aimed at drivers.

To fill this gap the New York City Department of Transportation chose an international design consortium known as PentaCityGroup (PCG) in 2011 to develop a standardized, map-based, citywide Pedestrian Wayfinding System. PCG comprises wayfinding specialists CityID, industrial designers Billings Jackson Design, graphic designers Pentagram, cartographers and map database developers T-Kartor, and engineers and urban designers the RBA Group.

The first phase of the program is rolling out this summer with additional phases and program expansion in the works. This webinar introduces participants to the basics of wayfinding with a focus on the system design and program development in NYC.


  • David Figueroa is a cartographer and geographer with many years of implementation and consulting experience within GIS development, information design, and cartographic system implementation. Since 2000 his primary focus has been the application of cartography and GIS to public transport information developing some of the world's leading examples of sustainable data-driven mapping for Urban Mobility and Public Transit. Among a number of organizations, Figueroa has developed and led projects for include Transport for London, the New York City Department of Transportation and the South Yorkshire Public Transport Executive.
  • Mike Rawlinson is a founding director of City ID and a design-planner. Rawlinson is credited with developing the Legible Cities concept, pioneered in Bristol, and now extending to a number of cities in UK and Europe, which seeks to improve people's understanding and experience of cities and destinations through the implementation of identity, wayfinding, and integrated transportation projects.
  • Aidan Jamison is a project leader at Billings Jackson Design, managing projects in the New York City office. Jamison joined Billings Jackson in 1999 and has since worked as a product designer with particular expertise in transportation projects and lighting systems.
  • Eoin Billings is a director and founding partner of Billings Jackson Design and is responsible for architectural project work. He has worked as an industrial designer in architecture for 20 years and has a proven track record for delivering high quality systemized components efficiently and on budget and for developing commercially successful products with architectural partners.

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This webcast available for viewing only, it is not applicable for AICP CM credit.