For Student Representatives Council Representative, Region 2

Cameron Brown

Position Statement

As a planning student in the 2nd American Planning Association electoral district, I have witnessed significant growth in our region and its ability to attract residents, businesses, and talent. This growth presents our communities and universities with the task of addressing challenges faced by regional micropolitan and metropolitan areas. These challenges extend beyond housing or parking and impact individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is essential for planning students to recognize and adapt to these challenges in their studies and as they prepare for their future careers. A comprehensive planning education should equip us with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the complex issues of the 21st century, promoting purposeful understanding instead of indoctrination.

By leveraging our education, planning students have the opportunity to empower others, whether they are fellow students or members of the community, to engage in meaningful conversations and take actions related to the growth, development, and sustainability of their communities. As catalysts, planning students can serve as educators, sharing best practices and enabling others to address the challenges specific to their own communities. Advocacy, even in its simplest form, can be a powerful tool, and it is crucial to provide planning students with the platform and resources needed to make a positive difference.

My name is Cameron Brown, and I am a senior planning student at East Carolina University. My primary focus is on delivering tangible results for all planning students within the 2nd American Planning Association Electoral Region. As a dedicated team player, I approach my service with a data-driven mindset, aiming to achieve outcomes that benefit the Student Planning Organizations (SPOs) I represent. Drawing from my experiences working in the Governor's Office, collaborating with small businesses in the ECU Office of Community Engagement and Research, and partnering with North Carolina Regional Councils of Governments to promote greenway development, I possess the necessary capabilities to strategically guide the success of planning students and their respective SPOs.

Through my involvement as an At-Large Representative in the East Carolina University Student Government Association and my membership in various APA divisions, along with my recent election as Treasurer of ECU's S.P.A.N (Student Planners Action Network), I have consistently demonstrated my ability to be a trusted hard worker and principled decision-maker on behalf of my peers. Furthermore, my service on the executive board of the University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments reflects my commitment to fostering the growth of higher education, not only within North Carolina but also nationwide. I take pride in empowering those I represent and ensuring their long-term sustainability.

During my two-year term, I will accomplish three key strategic goals: Advocacy, Growth, and Recognition. By tackling these focus areas, I can best serve the SPOs within the region. By meeting and talking with leaders of SPOs within the region, I would like to better understand the issues planning students face to advocate for their needs to the larger association. With this information in hand, I plan to provide our SPOs with the best guidance and resources needed for their personal success and overall growth. Finally, by recognizing successful SPOs and highlighting their accomplishments, I hope to help empower and show regional planning organizations the potential they hold in supporting planning activities. I am dedicated to advocating for planning students and providing them with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to succeed. Together with the other SRC representatives and the association, I plan to create a future where student planning organizations and planning professionals continue to play a vital role in shaping holistic, inclusive, and sustainable communities.