General Plan Guidelines: Materials and Waste Management

APA California Chapter, Orange Section


Thursday, August 15, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. PDT

Irvine, CA, United States

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The biggest focus that California’s waste industry is currently confronting is creating programs to divert organic material from the non-residential sector. This presentation will emphasize how planners can be a part of this solution.  This session will provide participants with a basic background of the current commercial waste and recycling programs that are currently used in the Orange County area as well as the applicable recycling laws affecting Jurisdictions.  The presenter will emphasize various organics diversion topics such as updating enclosure guidelines to allow for enough space for foodwaste bins, applicable waste sections of the California Green Building Code, how to include materials and waste management in a General Plan, the need for more waste facilities, current case studies of organics diversion programs and resources that are available to planners.


Planners attending this program will learn how to:



  • Identify various waste and recycling programs as well as applicable laws

  • Apply CalGreen waste sections to current planning policies   

  • Understand types of organics diversion programs through viewing current case studies


Mallory Burden

Mallory Burden is an Environmental Scientist for CalRecycle, where she participates in many hands on project teams including being staff lead of the Organics Team. Mallory, a frequent speaker at local industry events, started her educational pursuits through receiving a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from CalPoly Pomona before focusing her ... Read More

Kathryn Ferrer

Kathryn Ferrer is an Environmental Scientist for CalRecycle, where she assists various jurisdictions in North Orange County with their waste and recycling programs as well as serves as Zone Liaison to the Orange County Recycling Market Development Zone program (RMDZ) where she assists businesses, specifically recycled content manufacturers. Kathryn holds ... Read More

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