Ethics, Accountability and Conflicts of Interest

APA Connecticut Chapter


Tuesday, July 16, 2019
9 a.m. - noon EDT

West Hartford, CT, United States

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This program will provide planners who have their own guidance on ethical practices from APA/AICP to better understand how those practices intersect with standard practices for conflicts of interest and ethics with other public officials. Planners will learn

  • Learn how to establish and operate an ethics commission.
  • Outline steps to develop a code of ethics for your town or city.
  • Learn how to avoid and resolve conflicts of interest.
  • Find out what's legal, appropriate, and fair regarding gifts, travel expenses, outside employment, and nepotism

Public service is always about protecting the common good, which may be defined as the common conditions that are important to the welfare of everyone - police, fire, parks, libraries, and other public services. A public servant must always put the common good ahead of any personal, financial, or political benefit they might receive - from a decision about where to situate a park or who should collect the garbage.

Also, conflicts of interest interfere with the basic ethical principle of fairness and treating everyone the same. A public official should not take unfair advantage of his or her position by voting on a matter that could benefit them at the expense of others.

Finally, conflicts of interest undermine trust. They make the public lose faith in the integrity of governmental decision making processes. This program will outline best practices in developing an ethics commission and tips on avoiding conflicts of interest.

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