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restart must be planned

A recent op-ed in the Hartford Courant by Dwight Merriam, FAICP, discusses the need for good planning in restarting the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 and post-disaster recovery

In the Center for a New Economy's first Living with Risk Conversation, Dr. Deepak Lamba-Nieves interviews Dr. Rob Olshansky, FAICP, to discuss how COVID-19 is different from other disasters he's studied and what recovery may look like. They also discuss the recovery situation in Puerto Rico following hurricanes and an earthquake in recent years.

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Planning for Sea Level Rise in Norfolk

A recent article in Inside Climate News discusses sea level rise in Norfolk, Virginia, and the city's Vision 2100 plan with planning director George Homewood, FAICP. The plan assesses the challenges and develops a long-term strategy to address the flooding challenges due to sea level rise.

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In Memoriam

Sarah Jane White, FAICP (1936–2020)

Jaquelin Taylor Robertson, FAICP (1933–2020)

Adrian Freund, FAICP (d. 2020)

Norman Krumholz, FAICP (1927–2019)

Robert Einsweiler, FAICP (1929–2019)

Carol Thomas, FAICP (1923–2019)

Jamie A. Cochran, FAICP (1953–2019)

Frank So, FAICP (1937–2019)

Bruce McClendon, FAICP (1947–2019)

Paul Clarence Zucker, FAICP (1934–2018)

Ken Sulzer, FAICP (1938–2018)

Mentoring the Next Generation

Skills and Thrills for Up and Coming Planners Webinar

The webinar (recorded on February 1, 2017) brought together four Fellows (Michael Blue, FAICP; Marya Morris, FAICP; Jim Peters, FAICP; Libby Tyler, FAICP) who presented lessons learned and insights from their experience in the public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors.

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An Evening with Fellows

Emerging professionals and students in New Jersey gathered in October 2016 to hear from four seasoned professionals who know a thing or two about planning. Planners just getting their start joined Fellows Philip B. Caton, FAICP, PP; Stuart Meck, FAICP, PhD, PP; J. Michael Cobb, FAICP, PhD, PP; and David N. Kinsey, FAICP, PhD, PP, for a Q&A style discussion about the challenges and rewards for the planning profession.

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Launching your Planning Career: A Guide for Idealists

Richard Willson, FAICP, draws on his years of experience in the classroom, as a researcher, and as a mentor to young planners in this series. His insights, shared in a series of blog posts, provide processes for making choices in the "launching" phase of one's career — addressing decision making, doubt, types of work, and work settings. Check out Richard Willson's excellent blog post series and his recent book based on the series, A Guide for the Idealist: Launching and Navigating Your Planning Career.

Mentoring Locally and at the National Planning Conference

Help to further the professional development of young planners by providing knowledgeable and strategic advice. A mentor can offer perspectives that come only from experience to empower the protege to build on core capabilities or pursue an innovative opportunity. Those interested in serving as a mentor with APA can participate in the Mentor Match event during the National Planning Conference as well as find opportunities at the local chapter level.

Read an interview withElizabeth "Libby" Tyler, FAICP

Fellows in Recent Publications


Planning Advisory Service (PAS) Reports

Journal of the American Planning Association

  • "Book Review: Remaking Post Industrial Cities: Lessons From North America and Europe, edited by Donald C. Carter" Vol 83, 2017, Pp. 324-25. W. Paul Farmer, FAICP.
  • "A Midterm Report: Will Habitat III Make a Difference to the World's Urban Development?" Vol. 82, No. 4 (Fall 2016); Pp. 398-411. Eugenie Birch, FAICP.
  • "My 60 Years as a Planner." Vol. 82, No. 3 (Summer 2016); Pp. 280-287. Richard S. Bolan, FAICP.
  • "The Neighborhood Quality of Subsidized Housing." Vol. 80; No. 1 (Winter 2014); Pp. 67-82 Emily Talen, FAICP and Julia Kochinsky.
  • "Perspective: A Planning Life: Bridging Academics and Practice." Vol. 80; No. 1 (Winter 2014); Pp. 83-90. David Godschalk, FAICP.

Planning magazine


March 2015: Georgia Tech Professor of Practice Mike Dobbins, FAICP, receives Innovation and Excellence in Laboratory Instruction Award.

FAICP Membership Assistance

FAICP members, like all AICP members, must maintain their membership status with APA and AICP. APA and AICP offer different options for membership based on one's stage of their career, including Life and Retired membership. Other options for members facing unemployment or other hardships are also available for those that qualify. To learn more and find out if there's an option that fits your current needs, see AICP Member Assistance.