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People Behind the Plans: Joanna Trotter

In this episode of People Behind the Plans, Courtney Kashima, AICP, interviews Joanna Trotter, Senior Program Officer for Economic and Community Development at the Chicago Community Trust. The conversation touches on the organization's work funding community initiatives, how that has shaped her view of the profession, the issues and challenges she believes face planners in the future, and more.

People Behind the Plans: Eugenie Birch, FAICP

Courtney Kashima, AICP, interviews Eugenie Birch, FAICP, in a special World Town Planning Day edition of the "People Behind the Plans" podcast series focusing on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda. Professor Birch is the Lawrence C. Nussdorf Chair of Urban Research and Education at the University of Pennsylvania and serves as president of General Assembly of Partners (GAP), the engagement platform for the implementation of the UN's New Urban Agenda and associated global agreements.

People Behind the Plans: Lynn Ross, AICP

In this episode of People Behind the Plans, Courtney Kashima, AICP, talks with Lynn Ross, AICP, founder of Spirit for Change Consulting. Lynn discusses how she discovered the field of urban planning, equity in the planning profession, her work with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Knight Foundation, and much more.

People Behind the Plans: Bev Wilson, AICP

In this episode, Courtney Kashima, AICP, talks with Bev Wilson, AICP, associate professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Their wide-ranging conversation includes consideration of new frameworks for civic technology. They touch on how planners can think about extending the scope of tech tools to include planning issues such as equity, vulnerability, and the connection between rural and urban planning. Whether virtually or in person, planners have the tools to lead the collaboration for the public good.

Green Streets Health Impact Assessment

The Green Streets program is an initiative in Lawrence, Massachusetts with a goal of increasing vital tree cover throughout the community. Through collaboration between Groundwork Lawrence, APA's Sustainable Communities Division, and the Massachusetts chapter of the American Planning Association, the Green Streets program was the focus of a detailed and comprehensive Health Impact Assessment or HIA. In this episode, Jennifer Henaghan, AICP, Deputy Research Director and Manager of APA's Green Communities Center, interviews Angela Vincent, AICP, Economic Development Planner with the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, and member of APA's Sustainable Communities Division; Brad Buschur, Project Director with Groundwork Lawrence; and Neil Angus, AICP, CEP, Environmental Planner with Devons Enterprise Commission, and also a member of APA's Sustainable Communities Division.

People Behind the Plans: Scott Page

In this episode, Courtney Kashima, AICP, talks with Scott Page, founder of Interface Studio in Philadelphia, which is a leader in developing unique and innovative urban design ideas. The pair discusses who’s driving the changes that are shaping cities, the influences of partnership, “unintended consequences,” and the inspiration that comes from the conversation around public works.

People Behind the Plans: David Fields, AICP

In this episode, Courtney Kashima, AICP, chats with David Fields, AICP, who shares stories on connecting with place in his 20 years of national and international experience focusing on transportation planning. David and Courtney discuss community engagement and share tips on how to keep planning conversations with citizens on point.

People Behind the Plans: Jamie Simone, AICP

People Behind the Plans is a new podcast series that explores the business of planning for the built environment. Hosted by Courtney Kashima, AICP, planner and small business owner of Muse Community + Design in Chicago, the series features conversations between planners on work, life, ideas, and problem-solving in a variety of communities. In this episode, Courtney has a conversation with Jamie Simone, AICP, on her role with the plan for The 606, an innovative public space and alternative transportation corridor in Chicago.

Disruptive Transportation Technologies: Interview with Andrew Salzberg from UBER

APA's Editor in Chief, Meghan Stromberg, interviews Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research for Uber. This interview is part of a series about disruptive technologies within the world of transportation featured in the April 2017 issue of Planning magazine.

Disruptive Transportation Technologies: Interview with Josh Westerhold from Nissan's Future Lab

APA's Editor in Chief, Meghan Stromberg, interviews Josh Westerhold, Senior Manager of Nissan's Future Lab. This interview is part of a series about disruptive technologies within the world of transportation featured in the April 2017 issue of Planning magazine.

Disruptive Transportation Technologies: Interview with Zagster's Jon Terbush

APA's Editor in Chief, Meghan Stromberg, interviews Jon Terbush, Communications Manager from bike share company, Zagster. This interview is part of a series about disruptive technologies within the world of transportation featured in the April 2017 issue of Planning magazine.

Previewing APA's Infrastructure Principles

Jason Jordan, APA's Director of Policy, interviews Kara Drane, AICP, about APA's forthcoming set of principles that should guide a new federal infrastructure program.

Plan4Health: Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living

The Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living is working to include health and equity elements when updating comprehensive plans within the state. This podcast features an interview with David Edgell, AICP, Project Lead for Plan4Health for the Delaware Chapter of the American Planning Association, and Tim Gibbs, Executive Director Delaware Academy of Medicine and Delaware Public Health Association.

Plan4Health: Helena, Montana

An interview with Karen Lane, Preventions Program Manager at Louis and Clark Public Health, about how the Healthy Communities Coalition is working to develop an active living wayfinding system for parks and along urban trails in the greater Helena, Montana, area.

Plan4Health: Pathways to Health in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

An interview with Chad Call, Shared Use Specialist, and Luisa Krug, Chronic Disease Epidemiologist, both of the Tulsa Health Department on the Pathways to Health initiative.

Plan4Health: Active Transportation Community of Interest — Pierce County, Washington

Liz Kastor, the Active Transportation Community of Interest (AT COI) manager, discusses how the organization, through the Plan4Health coalition, seeks to increase access to safe, healthy, and affordable active transportation options for people living in the Puyallup Watershed in Pierce County, Washington.

Plan4Health: Tarrant County, Texas

Linda Fulmer, Executive Director of Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration, discusses how the Plan4Health coalition is helping to bring access to healthy food in the southeast Fort Worth area.

Planner Profile: Courtney Kashima, AICP

In this edition of Planner Profile, APA interviews Courtney Kashima, AICP, Principal at MUSE Community + Design and President of APA's Illinois Chapter.

Plan4Health: Umatilla County, Oregon

A discussion about the work of the Plan4Health coalition in Umatilla County, Oregon, with Jessica Nischik-Long, Executive Director at the Oregon Public Health Association, and Becky Steckler, AICP, Program and Policy Manager at the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association

Plan4health: Thomas County, Kansas

A discussion about the work of the Plan4Health coalition in Thomas County, Kansas, with Eldonna Chestnut, chair of APHA's Council of Affiliates, and Dr. Robert Moser, President-Elect of Kansas APHA.

Planning for Parks in Washington D.C.'s NoMa

Washington D.C.'s NoMa neighborhood has seen a tremendous amount of rapid growth in the last decade and with no land set aside for parks and publicly accessible space. We learn how that challenge is being addressed in this podcast interview with Robin Eve Jasper, President of the NoMa Business Improvement District and President of the NoMa Parks Foundation. Robin is joined by Stacie West, Director of Parks Projects for the NoMa Parks Foundation.

A Journey From Planning to Public Service: Interview with Jack Molenaar, AICP

Jack Molenaar, AICP, a transportation planner with more than 22 years of experience in both the public and private sector, give his perspective on both areas of his career, as well as his experience attending a national presidential convention.

Planner Profile: Miguel Vazquez, AICP

APA's Career Services Manager Bobbie Albrecht interviews Riverside, California, planner Miguel Vazquez, AICP, on his planning career path, including advice for emerging planning professionals on how to move forward within the field.

Beyond Mobility: Transportation's Role In Achieving Community Outcomes

Mariia Zimmerman, Vice Chair of Regional Planning for APA's Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division interviews Stephanie Gidigbi, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Transportation

The Streetcar Returns to Kansas City

Kyle Elliott, Division Manager from the Department of Long Range Planning & Preservation for Kansas City, and David Johnson, Vice Chair at the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance, discuss the Kansas City streetcar project.

Building Coastal Resilience Through Capital Improvements Planning

Jim Schwab, AICP, APA's manager of the Hazards Planning Research Center, interviews Jeffrey Payne, acting Director of NOAA's Office for Coastal Management, and Chad Berginnis, Executive Director of the Association of State Floodplain Managers on the Regional Coastal Resilience program.

Plan4Health in Dane County, Wisconsin

Steve Steinhoff discusses Plan4Health and its role with the Capital Region Healthy Communities initiative in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure — AICP Symposium

In urban areas, stormwater presents major challenges for water quality. Runoff and combined sewer overflows result in impaired quality and degraded watersheds. Increasingly, green infrastructure approaches can treat and reduce discharge volumes and help mitigate flood risk, in addition to a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits. Learn from the experiences of Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia in adopting green stormwater management approaches.

Tuesdays at APA: Why Local Food Matters

Debra Tropp of the USDA outlines a recent effort to capture and quantify economic impacts of local food system investments.

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