Survey of State Land-Use and Natural Hazards Planning Laws

Project Overview

In coordination with FEMA's Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) program, APA surveyed legislation from all 50 states for laws that are intended to require, promote, or encourage local mitigation of natural hazards. These surveys placed an emphasis on the intersection of hazard mitigation and land use in state legislation, and the role of the states in guiding local hazards policy.

A particular focus of each survey concerns plan consistency, climate change integration, local hazards resilience, building code standards, and floodplain management best practices. See below for findings from all 50 states.

Survey of State Land-Use and Natural Hazard Planning Laws

Cover of the report Survey of State Land-Use and Natural Hazards Planning Laws

Findings Report

Supported by a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), through its Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) program, the American Planning Association (APA) built upon previous efforts to survey state land-use and natural hazard planning laws in all 50 states.

This report details the findings from APA's 2017 review of these state laws.