Planning August/September 2008

Planning August/September 2008

Special Issue on Water

Planning cover - The Gila River in southeastern ArizonaSpigot to Spigot

Philip Wenz explores the frontiers of wastewater recycling. Wendy Lyons Sunshine provides a Texas example in a sidebar.

Sidebar: A Finer Filter

Green Infrastructure Rising

Best practices in stormwater management. A Planning Practice story by Steven Wise.

Saving a Shared Asset

Joe MacDonald and David Beach describe efforts to protect Lake Erie's watersheds.

Oyster As Superhero

Sandra Martin explains why the bivalve could save Chesapeake Bay.

On Edge

Vanessa Ahern tours developments near New York City's water source in the Catskills.

Half Empty or Half Full?

The West is thirsty and booming. The East is surprisingly dry. Stories by Allen Best and Cynthia Barnett.

Sidebar: Shortage in a Land of Plenty

Dam Yanking

Old structures are coming down — but not necessarily without a fight. Paul Shigley reports.

In the Same Boat

The Dutch float ideas for helping New Orleans and vice versa. Ruth Knack describes a two-nation approach to delta urbanism.

Our Imperiled Oceans and Coasts

Jeff Herlitz tells how experts are tackling the biggest cleanup job of all.


St. Louis Arch, New Jersey affordable housing.

Legal Briefs

Public hearing ejection, mobile home placement.


Design skills, Big Dig.

Planners Library

Ecological planning, global warming.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing discusses Donald Shoup's upcoming JPER article about graduated density zoning.


The broader meaning of water.

Cover: The Gila River in southeastern Arizona. After joining the Colorado River in southwestern Arizona, it ultimately flows into the Sea of Cortez. Photo courtesy Arizona Department of Water Resources.