Planning July 2008

Planning July 2008

Planning cover - Planning students at the University of PennsylvaniaOverextended?

Granny flats and other options are filling the need for multigenerational housing. Isabelle Groc documents the trend.

Public Places, Universal Spaces

Jon Skinner explains how to take accessible design to the next level.

Planning Education 2.0

Are new graduates prepared for the real world? Vanessa Geneva Ahern seeks some answers.

Sidebar: What the Newbies Say

More Than Mapping

Learn about innovative uses of GIS. A Planning Practice story by Roberta Baxter.

Proceed Without Caution

Peter Harnik and Ben Welle take a tally of city parks that have closed their roads to cars.

China's Vast Adventure

Val Wang reports on how the Olympic Games are changing Beijing.

Return to Trinidad

A first-person narrative by Ella Faulkner.

Fort Worth's Bonanza

The city is deciding what to do with royalties from natural gas drilling. Daniel McGraw surveys the scene.


A bimonthly column by Paul Farmer, APA's executive director and CEO.


Ohio tax sharing, transit fuel costs.

Legal Briefs


Secret ingredient, bike sharing.

Planners Library

Urban confidence, code green.


In hard times, turn to neighborhood development.

Cover: Planning students at the University of Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy University of Pennsylvania.