Planning May 2008

Planning May 2008

Special Issue on Transportation

Planning coverIs Congestion Pricing Ready for Prime Time?

Michael Replogle explains the advantages of this controversial new approach in Planning Practice.

Sidebar: Leadership in London

Sidebar: Stockholm Experiment

Sidebar: Singapore Transformed

The Truth About Sustainability

Smart cars won't solve all our problems, says Robert Goodman.

For 2009, Nothing's Sure But Change

Jason Jordan's predictions for the next federal transportation bill.

On Track With Maps

Josh Stephens reviews a book that's made to order for transit junkies.


David Holtzman describes a growing phenomenon.

The Price Is Right

A wrap-up of parking trends by consultant Vicky Gagliano with David Fields's sidebar on how parking can pay for itself.

Sidebar: Parking Pays for Itself in Downtown Ann Arbor

For Good Results, Plug in Good Data

Q&A with APA author Eric Bruun.

Breaking With the Past

Bay Area transportation planners tackle a new plan update. A report by regional planners Ted Droettboom and Christy Riviere.

Good Fences?

Communities along the U.S.–Mexico border are struggling with the new realities of homeland security, writes Michael Bomba.

Thinking — and Acting — Outside the Box

Vince Papsidero and Linda LaCloche describe Columbus's new approach to visioning.

Embedded in Iraq

Daniel Reed's first person account of his work with the U.S. Army.


A bimonthly column by Paul Farmer, APA's executive director and CEO.


Minneapolis light rail, buses rebound.

Legal Briefs


Las Vegans respond, urban markets. 

Planners Library

Economics of urban transportation, green buildings.


Rep. Earl Blumenauer's pitch for a National Infrastructure Plan.

Cover: Photo of a London street by Paul Farmer.