Planning December 2009

Planning December 2009

Planning coverGreat Places in America

APA's Great Places in America program aims to show how good planning and design can create places that people value for generations. Karen Finucan-Clarkson, Denny Johnson, and others report.

Great Streets

Great Public Spaces

Great Neighborhoods

Heating the 'Hood

District heating plants get a new lease on life. By Linda Baker. A Sustainable Communities story.

The 'No News Is Good News' Census

Don't expect surprises, just issues, in 2010, says Chris Williamson — in Planning Practice.

Creating Jobs Over Coffee

Kristen Carney describes a new business incubator model.

When Deep Pockets Open

Estimating the economic impact of government spending programs. Steven Vickner reports.

The Long Good Byway

Michelle Crouch explores multistate trails in the Carolinas and elsewhere.


A bimonthly column by Paul Farmer, FAICP, APA's Executive Director and CEO.


Supreme Court beach case, D.C. bike station.

Legal News

Adult business zoning, post-Katrina rezoning.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: the economy.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing on top thinkers.


High speed, Kennedy.

Planners Library

Getting to yes, housing markets.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


What California law could mean for you.

Cover: Skiers on Grand Rounds Trail in Minneapolis. Photo courtesy Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.