Planning June 2009

Planning June 2009

Planning coverStaying Dry

How reliable are your flood maps? James Krohe Jr. examines FEMA's map modernization program.

Support System

Corry Berkooz reports on supportive housing for the homeless nationwide.

Atlanta Faces the Future

Maria Saporta describes a design charrette for an aging population.

LA's Green Alleys

How many of the city's 12,300 byways can be rehabbed? Nate Berg seeks an answer. A green communities story.

Towers of Trouble

Owen Jarus reports on Toronto's effort to overhaul its high-rise neighborhoods.

Improve Your Social Standing

Learn to love online networking. Jan Ferrigan describes the tools.

Put Your Money Where the People Are

Three experts explain how to fine-tune infrastructure investments — in Planning Practice.

Top Ten Myths of Downtown Planning

An excerpt from a new Planners Press book by Philip Walker.


A bimonthly column by Paul Farmer, FAICP, APA's Executive Director and CEO.


Fargo floods, ocean zoning.

Legal News

Very old parcels, waterfront decks.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on stats in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: floods.

Ever Green

Green and Spanish.


Sacred cows, stimulus funding.

Planners Library

Another green book, autophobia.


New reports, blogs, video, etc.


Rebuilding Iraq.

Cover: The Farnsworth House, situated near the Fox River in Plano, Illinois, has been flooded six times since it was built in 1951 — most recently in September 2008. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the building's architect, knew the structure would be located in a 100-year floodplain but believed it was relatively safe from flooding. Photo by Landmarks Illinois.