Planning October 2009

Planning October 2009

Special Sections: Transportation and Sustainability

Planning coverThe Next Big Thing

Jeffrey Spivak hops the train to examine potential high-speed routes.

Sidebar: Station Spin-offs

Sidebar: On Track in Salt Lake City

Sidebar: Alternative Fuel, More Sprawl

Tysons Tries Again

Chris Swope visits one of the nation's earliest edge cities — now becoming transit friendly.

Sidebar: Wait and See

Sidebar: Maximizing the Minimum

The Big Easy Gets Its Share

New Orleans makes the most of federal stimulus funds. Coleman Warner reports.

Winds of Change

When it comes to hurricanes, planning really can keep people out of harm's way. Story by Jim Schwab; sidebar by Steve Anlian.

Sidebar: Tornadoes — What to Do?

Sidebar: Learning from Disasters Abroad

Bad Gas or Natural Gas?

Allen Best describes the compromises involved in energy extraction.

Sidebar: Water versus Gas

Energy: Where Design Begins

An excerpt from a new APA Planners Press book explains how energy sources shape our communities.

Recession-Proof Marketing

Bill Smith explains how to get the most from your public relations dollar.


A bimonthly column by Paul Farmer, FAICP, APA's Executive Director and CEO.


World Habitat Day, FY 2010 spending bills.

Legal News

Georgia water, housing discrimination.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: sustainability.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing on the need for solid evaluation of LEED certification.


Parks, the American dream.

Planners Library

Jacobs versus Moses, indigenous Manhattan.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Overcoming the odds.

Cover: Conceptual view of high-speed rail over the Altamont Pass near Tracy, California. Art courtesy NC3D.