Planning April 2010

Planning April 2010

Special Report: Earth Day + 40

PlanningEmbracing Sustainability in Community Plans

Ben Herman describes how to undertake the newest — and greenest — planning efforts. A Sustaining Places story.

Sidebar: Climate Change Snapshot

Sidebar: Greenhouse Gas Inventories: Why and How

California Struggles with Its Legal Yoke

Some projects could get a pass from the state's 40-year-old environmental law. Paul Shigley reports in Planning Practice.

Green Roofs Mean Green Jobs

The potential is there for creating new types of employment, according to Michael Krause, Peter Lowitt, and Steven Peck. With a sidebar by Sarah Lozanova.

Sidebar: Defining Green Jobs

Georgia Water Woes

Is Atlanta's water gauge really running on empty? James Sipes seeks an answer.


Transit funding, neighborhood stabilization.

Legal News

Endangerment finding, pipeline delay.

By the Numbers

Our regular feature on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: the environment.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing on the Times Square pedestrian experiment.


A word about the Olympics.

Planners Library

Zoning pros, aging in place.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Are we living up to the promises of Earth Day?

2010 National Planning Awards

Daniel Burnham Award

San Diego General Plan

Innovation in Best Practices for Sustainability Award

Hilltop Hanover

Advancing Diversity and Social Change Award

Jane Clough-Riquelme

Best Practice Award

Indianapolis Regional Center Design Guidelines

Implementation Award

Campus Partners' University District Revitalization

Public Outreach Award

Wicker Park Bucktown Master Plan

Hard-Won Victory Award

New Orleans City Park

Planning Landmark Award

Plan for the Valleys

HUD Secretary's Award

Enterprise Green Communities

Student Planner Award

Taryn Hanano

Planning Advocate Award

Constance M. Kepert

Distinguished Contribution Award

William E. Borah

JAPA Best Article Award

"Safe Urban Form: Revisiting the Relationship Between Community Design and Traffic Safety"

Cover: Indianapolis, north basin of the central canal. Photo courtesy City of Indianapolis.