Planning July 2010

Planning July 2010


Back to the Good Life

James Krohe Jr. visits tourist towns that are learning to reposition themselves. With sidebars on second homes (Warren Miller) and upscale development (Sureva Towler).

Sidebar: Looking Ahead

Sidebar: Top-End Tourism

God and the Mall

Churches are setting up shop where commerce once ruled. By Marc Hequet.

Soccer as Savior

New stadiums may be a better-than-usual deal for cities. JoAnn Greco kicks around the concept.

The World Beyond GIS

GeoDesign integrates technologies — and allied professions, in Planning Practice. By Paul Zwick; sidebar by Ruth Knack.

Sidebar: Thought Leader

Thinking Beyond Political Boundaries

Regionalism is on the upswing in rural western Kansas, says Max Lu.

Sign World

Jeff Soule discovers what other nations can teach us about sign control. Lora Lucero explains the U.S. law in a sidebar.

Sidebar: Digital Distress

The Road to Recovery

Web Extra — Expanded Version
Two years after a devastating flood, Cedar Rapids is making a comeback. Jill Schultz reports.

Putting the Water to Work

Dutch and American planners discuss how to move forward in New Orleans. Meghan Stromberg is on the scene. A Sustaining Places story.


Seattle's highway lids, bike sharing.

Legal News

Megachurch, billboards.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: tourism.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing argues for the value of peer review.


A role for states, defending CEQA.

Planners Library

Metro-style equity, GIS-based decisions.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Pick yourself up, dust yourself off.

Cover: The river trail at Marabou — near Steamboat Springs, Colorado; photo by Larry Pierce, Marabou.