Planning February 2011

Planning February 2011

Planning coverReverse Gears: A New Reality for Public Works?

John McCarron explains what the November elections might mean for infrastructure.

Rescuing the Castaways

Empty boxes of all sorts are being converted to new uses — as James Krohe Jr. notes in Planning Practice. With a sidebar on armories by Beth Henary Watson.

More Than a School

A young planner's Peace Corps project could help to sustain a Malawi village. Brian Smyser reports from Africa.

It's Never Too Soon to Start

High schools are zeroing in on urban planning, and Nate Berg is on the scene.

Reclaiming Spoiled Landscapes

Peter Gisolfi offers a new way of thinking about an entrenched problem. A Sustaining Places story.

TODs for Tots

What's good for singles and retirees is even better for children, say Robert Cervero and Cathleen Sullivan.

A Moveable Feast

Portland's food carts are everywhere. Samuel Adams Beresky samples the fares.


Fracking on hold in New York, Vancouver bike lanes.

Legal News

Mobile home rent control, protest sign

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news, compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: infrastructure investment.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing describes a new model — one that's both collaborative and rational.


Beware of hidden costs.

Planners Library

Parks are paramount, community land trusts.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


What places of worship can do for a neighborhood.

Cover art: Residents of Bembe, Malawi, build a school. Photo by Brian Smyser.