Planning April 2012

Planning April 2012

PlanningFrack or Bust

Will shale gas extraction bring a boom — and its inevitable aftermath — to the Northeast? David West, Thomas Knipe, and Susan Christopherson seek answers in Planning Practice.

Sidebars: Help for Housing and Tackling Tourism


A promising project is committeed to death in Madison, Wisconsin. Greg Flisram gives a blow-by-blow description of local events.

Small Towns, Big Dreams

William Atkinson offers four economic development success stories.


Agenda 21, Miami stadium.

Legal News

Billboards, disparate impact.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: fracking.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing suggests a great study topic.


Post-flood choices, West Bank.

Planners Library

City design, strategic land planning.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Lead, inspire, innovate.

2012 National Planning Awards

Awards Introduction

Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan

Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

National Planning Excellence Award for Best Practices in Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Planning

Florida Statewide Regional Evacuation Study Program

National Planning Excellence Awards for Best Practice

Cool Planning: A Handbook on Local Strategies to Slow Climate Change, Oregon

National Planning Excellence Award for Innovation in Sustaining Places

Re-imagining a More Sustainable Cleveland

National Planning Excellence Award for Implementation

Contra Costa Centre Transit Village, Contra Costa County, California

National Planning Excellence Award for Public Outreach

Fast Forward Mobile Outreach Bus, Tulsa, Oklahoma

National Planning Excellence Award for a Grassroots Initiative

Yorktown 2015: A Blueprint for Survival and Sustainability, Philadelphia

National Planning Excellence Award for a Planning Firm

Sasaki Associates, Inc., Watertown, Massachusetts

National Planning Achievement Award for Advancing Diversity & Social Change in Honor of Paul Davidoff

Leonardo Vazquez, AICP, New Brunswick, New Jersey

National Planning Leadership Award for a Planning Advocate

Gov. Martin O'Malley: Reinvigorating Smart Growth in Maryland

National Planning Landmark Award

The Bennett Plan, Pasadena, California

National Planning Landmark Award

Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture

National Planning Achievement Award for a Hard-Won Victory

Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard Phase II EIR, San Francisco

HUD Secretary's Opportunity and Empowerment Award

Robert R. Taylor Homes/North- Side Revitalization, Wilmington, North Carolina

Pierre L'Enfant International Planning Award

Strategic Master Plan I Petra Region, Jordan

Cover: Sketch of the San Francisco Federal Building, courtesy of Morphosis Architects