Planning January 2012

Planning January 2012

Special Conference Issue on Los Angeles

LA Reimagined

It's a denser, more transit-friendly city than most of us realize. Christopher Hawthorne takes a tour.

Web-Only Sidebar: Myth Busting by Todd Gish

First Among Equals

LA planning director Michael LoGrande describes his first year on the job. An interview by Kevin Madden.

My LA — Yesterday and Today

A close observer recounts three decades of change. By William Fulton.

Food Groups

Gabriela Worrel digs into LA's expanded menu of food policies — and choices.

Web-Only Sidebar: Find Your Foodshed by Bobbie Peyton

Restoring the 'Water Freeway'

Los Angeles is turning its river from an afterthought into a destination. A Planning Practice article by Lorelei Laird.

Sidebar: More Projects Afoot

New in Town

Steve Preston explains how ethnic diversity enriches the LA suburbs. With a sidebar by Lois Takahashi and a web-only sidebar by James Rojas.

The Red and the Black

From Main Street to the state capital, budget cutbacks are forcing agencies to work smarter. Paul Shigley counts the ways.

Web-Only Sidebar: Annexations, Incorporations, and Reorganizations by Robert Aldrich and Orange County LAFCO Staff

Water Warriors

Mike Taugher navigates the shoals in this Sustaining Places story.

Web-Only Sidebars: New entries in APA's Delta Urbanism Series

The Devil Is in the Delta by Paul Shigley

Climate Adaptation and Sea-Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay Area by Laura Tam


A regular column by CEO Paul Farmer.


Federal funding, New York zoning.

Legal News

Fair housing, rational basis test.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news, compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: California facts.

Ever Green

Timothy Beatley interviews writer Elisabeth Tova Bailey, author of the best-selling The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating.


Historic Detroit, boomer housing.

Planners Library

Concentric rings, the just city.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Predictions for 2012.

Cover: Walt Disney Concert Hall. Photo by Travis Conklin, LA Inc.