Planning November 2012

Planning November 2012

What the Country Needs Now, Mr. President

Four experts offer advice to the incoming administration.

From Pop-up to Permanent

Small, nimble projects are adding value to public spaces.

Mapping the Land to Protect It

Peter Gisolfi and Christopher Tramutola describe the evolution of a basic planning tool — in Planning Practice.

Today's Changing Church

Places of worship have morphed into mixed use community centers — with designs to match. By Stanley Daniels with Nancy Reynolds.

Planner on Wheels

Benjamin Chrisinger pedals across the country to work on affordable housing.

Preserve and Protect

Ronald Lee Fleming argues that it's time to take another look at our federal standards for historic preservation. A Sustaining Places story.


Artisan economy, APA policy conference.

Legal News

Short-term rentals, building efficiency measures.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: churches.

Ever Green

Tim Beatley sings the praises of Vandana Shiva, Indian scholar and activist.


Rachel Carson's legacy, smart growth.

Planners Library

Multifamily housing, money chase.


Rickshaws, genius grant.


Why scenarios count.

Cover: PHS Pops Up in Center City, Philadelphia; photo courtesy of The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society,