Place Matters ... and Why Policy Matters, Too

January 13, 2015

PLACE MATTERS is a national initiative that builds the capacity of leaders and communities to identify and address the social, economic and environmental conditions that shape health and life opportunities.

With 19 communities, the organization supports change that targets the forces that shape our communities — those forces are institutions, systems and policies.

At this workshop, participants learned about PLACE MATTERS and the conditions that shape health and opportunities. They participated in a game that helped them better understand the role policy plays, and they learned why they should engage with policy makers to improve their health and the health of their communities.


Autumn Saxton-Ross

Autumn Saxton-Ross, PhD, is a resident of the District of Columbia and is currently the program director for Place-Based Initiatives at The National Collaborative for Health Equity. With degrees in sociology, health education, and exercise science, her research, academic, and professional interests are on the social and physical environment and their influences on health behaviors, specifically in black and urban populations, and the health benefits of parks and green spaces. Her life's work is improving the health of communities through engagement, activity, education, exposure and opportunity, truly believing that a healthy life is lived better outdoors.