May 23, 2017

Emiko Atherton, director of the National Complete Streets Coalition, discussed findings and implications from the recently released Dangerous by Design 2016 report.

Attendees learned which areas of the country are leading in pedestrian safety, what impacts roadway design has on vulnerable populations, and what steps communities can take to work toward implementing a Complete Streets design approach.

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PDF of PowerPoint presentation (pdf)


Emiko Atherton

Emiko Atherton is the director of the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of Smart Growth America, where she oversees the Coalition's federal advocacy, communications, research, and technical assistance programs. Atherton has used her expertise in transportation policy, public health, land use, economic development, and legislation to consult with communities across the United States on how to create better transportation networks. She is an international voice on complete streets and has spoken to audiences across the country about the value this approach. Before joining the coalition, Atherton served as chief of staff for a King County councilmember in Washington State. In that role, she worked closely with local and state governments, federal agencies, the U.S. Congress, and MPOs on policy development and implementation, coalition building, and transportation planning. Atherton received her master's in public administration from Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington.