2024 National Planning Conference

About NPC24


The National Planning Conference is being offered in two distinct, but complimentary experiences. NPC24 will be held in Minneapolis, April 13-16, and NPC24 Online can be streamed from your favorite chair May 8-10. Don't miss the opportunity to register.

What's In It For You?

NPC24 is a prestigious event that brings together thousands of experts, thought leaders, and professionals in the field of planning. This year's conference will focus on crucial topics that impact our communities and the planning profession as a whole.

We are in the process of planning a great event. Check this site often for updates in the months to come.

Why You Should Attend

Access Expert Insights

Gain access to industry experts, thought leaders, and planning professionals who present during NPC24. Learn from their expertise, unique perspectives, and the innovative ideas they shared that will help shape the future of planning.

Uncover In-Depth Content

Delve into the details of the sessions you missed or explore content you found particularly inspiring. Dive deep into topics like urban sustainability, community engagement, transportation planning, and more.

Flexible Learning

With the availability of session recordings, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Rewatch presentations, pause for notetaking, and revisit concepts that resonate with you.

Enhance Your Professional Development

Expand your knowledge and stay up to date with industry trends and best practices. The session recordings provide an excellent opportunity to further your professional development and gain a competitive edge in your planning career.


NPC24 Session Types

Speed Share
This curated selection of bite-size presentations aim to inform you by capturing the flavor of today's planning from a variety of perspectives. Various presentations will be grouped into 30-min or 45-min sessions.

Innovation Talk (20-minutes)
These talks will give examples of an innovative strategy or agile approach used to tackle the changing environment.

Case Study (45-minutes)
Case Studies will illustrate, explore, report, analyze, summarize, challenge, or simply describe practical planning projects carried out to address a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

Panel Discussion (45-minutes)
Panel discussions will bring together a group of experts to hold a spirited discussion around a trending topic.

AICP Mandatory Credit Sessions (60-minutes)
These sessions will cover the four AICP mandatory credit topics that are fundamental to how planning is practiced today.

  • Law — ensures planners have a current understanding of case law, regulations, and statutes and their impact on planning practice.
  • Ethics — ensures planners maintain an understanding of how the AICP Code of Ethics applies to evolving circumstances and trends in the practice of planning.
  • Equity — helps planners expand their equity toolkit, leading to more equitable outcomes in communities.
  • Sustainability and Resilience — help planners better plan for sustainable and resilient outcomes.

Learning Lab (90-minutes)
Looking for hands on learning? Learning labs are designed to spark creative thinking in collaborative group sessions by harnessing the power of diverse planner experiences.


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