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  • Hazards | Plans

    Improving Resilience through IRM and Community Planning

    Communities in Florida and California have pioneered strategies to integrate hazard-mitigation planning into the larger community planning processes more effectively. Learn how these communities have used selected models and tools to understand inundation risks and improve community resilience through the planning process.
  • American Planning Association | Hazards | Infrastructure | Natural Resources and Environment | Plans

    Caribbean Recovery, Walkability, and Green Infrastructure

    Following 2017 hurricanes, the U.S. Virgin Islands government, FEMA, CDC, and APA partnered to begin the rebuilding process while considering the interconnectedness of the built environment, public health, and disaster risk reduction.
  • Hazards | Planning Methods and Tools | Plans | Sustainability

    Collective Impact for Resilient Cities

    This course looks at how systems thinking can improve resilience planning in vulnerable cities such as New Orleans, Houston, and San Francisco.

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