Featured APA Learn Courses

  • Career Development | Community Engagement | Ethics | Planning History and Theory | Planning Methods and Tools

    Planning Ethics and Today's Challenges

    All practitioners sometimes grapple with the right thing to do in complex and often ambiguous situations that seem inconsistent with their own experiences or the AICP code. Learn how to make ethical decisions more easily.
  • Community Engagement | Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion | Health | Natural Resources and Environment | Planning Methods and Tools

    Fostering Social Equity and Inclusive Growth Series

    Social equity is the defining issue of our time. In light of today's political uncertainties and challenges we put together this three-part series to help planners foster broad-based, inclusive growth, and ensure they are creating more just and equitable communities. Take this course to learn more about how planners are making a difference.
  • Community Engagement | Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion | Planning Methods and Tools

    Diversity and Inclusion Training Series

    Planning for diversity and inclusion requires intentional efforts to dismantle systems of oppression and advance liberation and self-determination. This course equips planners with concepts and skills to perform inclusive and equitable planning and work effectively in diverse communities.

Featured Video

Road to Recovery: An APA Chat with John Porcari

APA president Kurt Christiansen, FAICP, chats with John Porcari, president of Advisory Services for WSP and former deputy secretary at U.S. DOT, about the road to recovery and the essential role of planners in restoring our economy and rebuilding communities.