What APA Stands For

Planners help communities thrive in a changing world — APA serves to elevate and unite their efforts, advancing a diversity of thought and representation in the profession.

Our Mission

Creating great communities for all.

Our Vision

The American Planning Association will lead the way to equitable, thriving communities by creating unique insights, as well as innovative and practical approaches that enable the planning community to anticipate and successfully adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Core Values

APA leaders and staff strive to model a shared set of values that will help us achieve our vision for the future.

People Centered

Stimulating Learning
& Growth

Paying It Forward









Future Focus

Strategic Goals

APA's strategic focus is on four specific Goals that will provide direction for the efforts of leaders, volunteers and staff.

  1. PRIORITIZE EQUITY. APA's inclusive and diverse membership, elected leadership, volunteer and staff workforce lead the way to more equitable communities.

  2. REFRAME THE VOICE OF PLANNING. The role of planners is understood, valued, and sought after by decision makers and influencers.

  3. UPSKILL PLANNERS. Planners have the knowledge, insight, and skills to help communities effectively manage change.

  4. PURSUE DIGITAL RELEVANCE. APA's digital business focus ensures it remains relevant.