Affordable housing. Urban design. Disaster recovery. Economic development. Autonomous vehicles. These are just some of the topics APA's podcast delves into with deep curiosity, expert analysis, and affecting, true-life stories. Throughout every episode of the podcast, listeners of all backgrounds — from those ensconced in the daily challenges and rewards of planning to those coming to the field with fresh eyes — get a firsthand look at what it means to be a planner in a world that needs them now more than ever.

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A microphone at the back of an empty meeting room

Moving Planning Commission Meetings Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Big-City Perspective

Emily Mack leads the Department of Metropolitan Development for the City of Indianapolis, Indiana. In this episode, she joins APA's Jo Peña to discuss how the city transitioned to online public meetings after COVID-19 hit, and she outlines the many lessons they've learned along the way while maintaining this critical government service.

A neon sign reading DRIVE-THRU OPEN 24 HOURS

Cover to Cover: The Future of Fast Food After COVID-19, Coding and Planning, and More

The Planning magazine editors get together — virtually — to recap some of the stories from the April 2020 issue. First up are drive-thrus and how they're faring in a COVID-19 world, then e-commerce and its impact on land use, then coding and its role in solving urban planning challenges.

The Old South Meeting House in Boston, a National Historic Landmark and the original site of the Boston Tea Party.

How Boston Responded to the COVID-19 Crisis

Boston is currently a hot spot for COVID-19. On this episode of the podcast, Brian Golden, director of the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), fills in APA's Roberta Rewers on the strategies the city is using to respond to the public health crisis, including new responsibilities taken on by the city's planning staff.

A conceptual image of a security lock on top of a circuit board illustrating cybersecurity.

What Planners and Public Sector Agencies Need to Know About Cybersecurity

With millions across the country now working remotely to curb the spread of COVID-19, cybersecurity and data protection issues are top of mind for just about everyone. In this episode, APA's Jo Peña talks with Nupur Gunjan, a public sector analyst at Cisco, about these issues. Gunjan shares specific recommendations planners can take to protect their community's data and operations from security threats.

An illustration of a delivery person dropping off groceries for a buyer without close physical contact. Both are wearing masks and giving each other the thumbs-up sign.

How E-commerce Affects Land Use — and How COVID-19 Affects E-Commerce

This episode features a dynamic conversation between Planning magazine editor-in-chief Meghan Stromberg and Lisa Nisenson, vice president for new mobility and connected communities at WGI. The two discuss what e-commerce trends mean for land use and contactless delivery; they also review the major implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for online retail.

A microphone at the back of an empty meeting room

Moving Planning Commission Meetings Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mid-Sized City Perspective

Hear from Matt Hoffman, immediate Past Chair of the Fayetteville, Arkansas, Planning Commission, about how the city continued — virtually — with its planning commission and other board meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four emojis displaying different emotions.

Cover to Cover: Planning as Caring, Managing Large-Scale Solar, Becoming an Effective Manager, and More

The Planning magazine editors review the contents of the March 2020 issue: from research into rethinking planning as caring, to an interactive map from the US Department of Transportation, to managing large-scale solar development, to a special "business of planning" article showcasing 13 strategies to becoming an effective manager.

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