Ethics Case of the Year

2024 Ethics Case Materials

CM Providers are encouraged to use multiple-scenario cases in their ethics sessions. One option is to use the "Ethics Cases of the Year" presentation that is prepared annually by the AICP Ethics Committee. Follow the steps below to use the Ethics Cases of the Year to prepare an ethics session:

Step 1: Use the formatted PowerPoint presentation of the ethics case as part of your session, adding your own slides as needed.

Step 2: Consider different session formats. Examples include, but are not limited to: lecture, moderated discussion, facilitated breakout sessions, and game show.

Step 3: Consider content options. Use the entire five scenarios, pick two or three for discussion, or examine only one scenario in depth within the larger case context.

Step 4: Enter your 60-minute session for CM | 1 | Ethics credits.

Step 5: Promote your ethics session in your preliminary conference program.

Step 6: Tell us what you have learned and make suggestions for future Ethics Cases of the Year. Contact us at


Ethics Cases of the Year 2024 (pdf)

Ethics Cases of the Year 2024 (ppt)

Notes on the 2024 Ethics Case of the Year

This year's "Cases of the Year" is a series of four ethical scenarios modeled on real-life planning issues. These scenarios were based on either informal inqiries or complaints filed with the Ethics Officer during 2024. Identifying factors such as names and locations have been changed so the focus can be on the educational aspect of each scenario. This "Cases of the Year" was created by the AICP Ethics Committee with assistance from Ralph Willmer, AICP Ethics Officer.

The four scenarios are: Conflict of Interest/Responsibility to Employer; Planners in Difficult Positions; Planners as Community Volunteers; and Gentrification/NIMBY.

Please contact the Ethics Officer at if you need any assistance with this presentation.