Student Representatives Council

2018–19 Student Representatives Council Executive Committee

The SRC Executive Committee is elected every two years by APA student members, and the new committee took office in January 2018. Meet the new SRC ExComm and see who is your region's representative!


Rachael Thompson Panik

Rachael Thompson Panik is an Alabama native now transplanted to Greenville, South Carolina. She will finish her master's degree in City and Regional Planning at Clemson University in May 2018.

Region I

Justin Romeo

Justin Romeo is currently in the Master of Urban Planning program at Columbia University. Originally from Chicago, but now living in New York, he is excited to be serving the Northeast for the next two years.

Region II

Rebecca Van Dyke

Rebecca Van Dyke is a second-year master's student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She loves mountain biking, southern cooking, flamenco, and Vermont.

Region III

Dara Osher

Dara Osher is in her second of three years attending Florida State University's Joint Master of International Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning, specializing in Transportation and Developing Areas. She hopes her future pursuits will lead down the path of international planning, as she spent two years as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in western China from 2013–2015.

Region IV

Gabrielle Boyd

Gabrielle Boyd is in her final semester in the Master of City Planning program at the University of Cincinnati. She is working as a planner for a community development corporation and is also an editor of a clinical sociology textbook for the University of South Johannesburg in South Africa.

Region V

Charles Liuzzo

Charles Liuzzo is a second-year student in the master's in planning program at the University of Arizona. His studies focus on achieving sustainable development through the utilization of market forces and partnerships with the private sector.

Region VI

Alex Yee

Alex Yee is a second year Master of Planning Student at the University of Southern California, focusing on urban resilience and climate adaptation. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, he is particularly interested in helping cities prepare for the impacts of sea-level rise.

Headshot of Ellen Forthofer.
Past Chair

Ellen Forthofer

Ellen Forthofer is an associate city planner at the City and County of Denver.