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Qualities of a CM-Eligible Activity

When you are hosting a CM education and training activity, there are several tools available to provide professional development opportunities for AICP members in all career stages.

Use this checklist to make sure your education and training activities meet the eligibility standards:

  • Content meets a specific planning-related education or training objective.
  • If offering one of the four mandatory topics, content must meet the topic specific criteria.
  • Have at least one subject matter expert speaker. Further, if offering a mandatory topic, must include at least one speaker who is AICP and aims for a panel of speakers. (Note, education and training activities related to the ethics mandatory credit must include a majority of speakers who are AICP).
  • Must be at least 15 minutes long or for a mandatory topic 1 hour.
  • Must meet additional requirements for on-demand activity.

We make sure your education and training is visible

The CM Search is where 16,000 AICP members can find live in-person, live online, on-demand education and training activities that offer CM credit. Listing your activities in the CM Search is a great way to attract participants to your offerings. Be sure your activity includes:

  • The total CM credit(s)
  • A description of the activity and professional learning outcomes
  • Speaker names and biographies
  • A link to your organization website or registration
  • The contact's name and email or phone for questions

CM Search

More resources

Find tools and templates for planning, marketing, and maintaining your Provider status on your My Organization Dashboard.

My Organization Dashboard

Visibility for Your Organization

AICP members are able to find continuing education by searching for your organization. Included in search:

  • Your company's description and logo, so make sure you add these details when you create your provider account.
  • Ratings and reviews by AICP members who attend your training offering CM credit.
  • Get our tips on marketing, branding, and promotion for your CM activities.

Provider Search

CM Graphic Toolkit

Use the CM logo to promote your CM education and training activities to make your education and training activities stand out as CM-approved. To include it on your event collateral, such as brochures, website and other communications, request the logo from Alisa Moore at and follow the guidelines in the CM Graphic Toolkit.

CM Provider Insider

A quarterly newsletter offering tips and resources for approved CM education providers.

Virtual Training Guidance

Moving Your Face-to-Face Training Online Workflow Worksheet

A step-by-step guide to adapting your in-person training for a virtual audience.

CM Provider Toolkit

Everything you need to be a successful CM Provider, from becoming a provider to education and training administration, marketing and quality assurance.

Event Collateral Support

Gather the right information to enter your planning event for CM credit:

New resources are added periodically, so check back regularly for even more tools.


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