APA Senior Staff

The senior staff at APA oversees its functional areas and leads the day-to-day activities of departments to carry out the vision of APA's dedicated volunteer leaders.

Joel Albizo
Chief Executive Officer, APA, and AICP

Joel Albizo, FASAE, CAE

The CEO plays a pivotal role in facilitating strategic planning and aligning the organization's resources and activities with its vision and goals. Joel builds relationships and influence with partners; advances the association's objectives and policies; facilitates a culture of excellence, innovation, and member service; and leads an exemplary volunteer management environment.

Alejandro Fuentes
Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Alejandro (Alex) Fuentes

The CFOO coordinates the overall operations of the organization and is responsible for the integrity of all financial activities for APA. Alex oversees the AICP, Member Services, Finance, Career Services, and Office Administration teams.

Harriet Bogdanowicz
Chief Strategy Officer

Harriet Bogdanowicz, MBA, CAE

The CSO works with elected leaders on the APA Board of Directors and AICP Commission, the volunteer and staff workforce to plan and coordinate the implementation of APA's strategy cycle and annual scope of work. Harriet oversees the Strategy Delivery Office, Leadership, Marketing, Communications, and Public Affairs teams.

Mark Ferguson
Chief Information Officer

Mark Ferguson

The CIO guides APA's organization-wide information technology program. Mark leads the planning and implementation of enterprise information systems that support operations and achieve efficiencies, and oversees the IT, Technology, Meetings, and Education teams.

Petra Hurtado, PhD
Chief Foresight and Knowledge Officer

Petra Hurtado, PhD

The Research Director is responsible for the overall design, direction, and management of APA's research program, including the practice of foresight to inform strategic governance, sponsored research, the Planning Advisory Service, and other initiatives.

Professional Practice Director

Felicia Braunstein

The Professional Practice Director manages membership programs across the planning career lifecycle, from student to retired, working to increase membership recruitment, retention, and engagement by delivering unique value. Felicia also oversees the programs of APA's professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners, including its certification exam, Certification Maintenance program, OnePath to AICP program, and College of Fellows.

Jason Jordan
Public Affairs Director

Jason Jordan

The Public Affairs Director is responsible for strategic outreach to decision-makers and influencers who interact with the planning profession. He leads government affairs, policy, and advocacy efforts of the association. This includes the development of APA policy guides; representation of APA with congressional offices, federal agencies, and partner organizations; and management of advocacy networks and outreach campaigns that aim to elevate the voice of planning. Jason also provides strategic guidance to volunteer leaders on policy matters at the national, state, and local levels.

Marketing and Communications Director

Liz Lang

The Marketing and Communications Director leads efforts to know and understand members and customers and to inform and support the organization's response to their unmet needs with content and other solutions that they find uniquely valuable. Liz leads marketing, content solutions, and digital communications teams, and is also the primary liaison to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion stakeholders across the organization.

Headshot of Karl Schmidt.
Member services Director

Karl Schmidt

The Member Services Director is responsible for cultivating and enhancing member relations. Karl develops and implements analytics‐driven membership strategies, initiatives, and policies designed to provide value to members, promoting member retention and growth.

Mike Welch
Strategy Delivery Office Director

Mike Welch

The Strategy Delivery Office Director is responsible for program and project management excellence across APA, enabling the successful delivery of projects and programs to achieve APA's strategic goals and annual scope of work. Mike aligns people, processes, measurements, standards, and activities to APA's business strategy, and monitors and reports outcomes.

Randall West
Technology Director

Randall West

The Technology Director leads efforts to better serve members and stakeholders through the application of existing, new, and emerging technologies. Ran leads the organization in its use of technologies that enhance the value-creating capabilities of the team.

Meetings Director

Eva Wilczek

The Meetings Director is responsible for strategically coordinating with staff, members, and others on the planning, implementation, and assessment of all aspects of the National Planning Conference and other association meetings. Eva also oversees registration services for many of APA's live and virtual events.