2023 National Planning Conference

Code of Conduct and FAQ

April 1–4, 2023 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 26–28, 2023 | Online


Code of Conduct — Harassment and Discrimination Policy at APA Meetings

The American Planning Association holds professional conferences and meetings to enable our members to receive continuing education, build professional networks and collaborations, engage and recruit new members, and discover new technologies, methodologies, and services for professional and academic use. To provide all participants — members and other attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers — the opportunity to benefit from the event, our Association is committed to providing a safe and productive meeting environment free of discrimination, hostility, and harassment in any form, for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, medical condition, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, political affiliation, nationality, or any other group identity or basis protected by federal law. The Association does not tolerate discrimination, or any form of unlawful harassment, and is committed to enforcing this Code of Conduct (the "Code") at all American Planning Association events.

Join us in taking a stand against sexual harassment and discrimination by signing APA's Pledge today.

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We've pulled together some commonly asked questions to help make your conference experience a breeze.

Event Information and Time Zones

Will NPC23 be an in-person conference in Philadelphia or will it be online?

NPC23 includes two distinct events:

  • An in-person conference in Philadelphia April 1–4, 2023
  • An online conference April 26–28, 2023

All events listings for the ONLINE conference are for CENTRAL time zone.

NPC23 Online

Do I get access to NPC23 Online if I registered for NPC23 Philadelphia?

Yes, all NPC23 Philadelphia attendees get access to NPC23 online included with their registration.

What are the dates of NPC23 Online?

April 26-28.

What time zone is NPC23 Online?

All times are Central Time.

How do I get access to NPC23 Online?

You can access it from the APA conference website where you view the online program. Make sure you are logged into your account. Click into the session and select the session, click the LIVE STREAM BUTTON to view.

Why can't I see NPC23 Online?

Please make sure you are logged into your account.

When will the online sessions be available?

Online sessions will be available 24 hours after live stream.

Will there be closed captions?

Yes, there will be closed captions for each session.

Can I request a guest speaker 'badge' for my online session?

Only non-member/non-planners can receive a guest speaker 'badge' which will only allow access to their session — not NPC23 Online.  If they are members or planners, they must be registered. They were provided a discount code and should check their inboxes.

Can I view NPC23 Online sessions after April 28?

After NPC23 online, sessions will be available on demand for two weeks after the online event ends through the online program from the APA conference website.

Can my company or other colleagues view NPC23 Online with me?

Only the registered attendee is authorized to view NPC23 Online content and receive CM credits.

Is it too late to register for NPC23 Online?

No. Registration is still open. Registration via credit card/debit card is still open.

Anyone planning to purchase NPC23 Online via check must send all checks by Friday, April 21 via FedEx, USPS, UPS with tracking information. Any checks after this date will be returned to sender.

How can I access recordings from Philadelphia and online sessions after the on-demand period ends?

Recordings from Philadelphia and NPC23 will be available online in APA Learn later this summer. They will be available for individual purchase, but the best way to gain access to these recordings (and those from previous and future conferences) is to subscribe to Passport.

Are there any recorded sessions from NPC23 Philadelphia being shown during NPC23 Online?

Only the Opening Keynote and Closing session will be shown from Philadelphia during NPC23 Online. NPC23 Philadelphia content will only be available later in Passport. Look for a Passport icon in the online program on the website and in the app to see which in-person sessions will be recorded.

What's this "Passport" thing you keep talking about?

Passport is APA's online learning subscription service. For just $180 per year, you get unlimited access to on-demand education in APA Learn and live online webinars, courses, and workshops. This includes recordings from NPC23 and past and future conferences.

How do I sign up for Passport?

Go to planning.org/passport/access to purchase a subscription, or scan a QR code on the signs around the conference center.

What happened to the online job fair? I thought I saw something about it on the website.

The online job fair has been delayed to ensure the best experience for both employers and job seekers. We will reach out with more information as soon as it is available.

Certification Maintenance

I need AICP Certification Maintenance credits (CM). Will I have the opportunity to earn CM at the conference?

AICP members will have the option to earn CM credits during NPC23. We will offer general CM and mandatory Law, Ethics, Equity, and Sustainability and Resilience credits during the conference.

Philadelphia Information

Where is the in-person conference being held?

NPC23 will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.


What is included in registration?

There are two registration options: NPC23 All In or NPC23 Online.

NPC23 All In

Members $835 | Life/Retired Members $135 | Student Members $135 | Non-Members $1275

NPC23 Online

Members $400 | Life/Retired Members $75 | Student Members $75 | Non-Members $450

How do I change details in my NPC23 registration?

You can make changes to your registration by going to: https://www.edgereg.net/er/Registration/UpdateInfo.jsp?ActivityID=41122

Does registration include access to conference recordings?

The NPC23 registration and the NPC23 Online registration offer access to the live in-person and live online events only. For unlimited access to recordings from both events for one year, plus hundreds of other on-demand and live online learning opportunities, sign up for Passport, APA's learning subscription.

What is the cancellation policy for NPC23?

A full refund can be requested until March 10. Cancellations will be charged a $50 administrative fee. Please send a written cancellation request to registrationchanges@planning.org.

How can I request accessibility services at NPC23 in Philadelphia or NPC23 Online?

Please email APA meetings staff at meetings@planning.org for any accessibility requests.

I'm a member of the media. How can I get a complimentary media pass?

APA provides a limited number of complimentary media registrations to the National Planning Conference. To apply for a complimentary media registration, please email Roberta Rewers.

Learning Levels


Designed to build upon established experiences, knowledge, and skills. The content includes more diverse and novel applications of the concepts and enhanced usage. Advanced level programming is designed to refine attendee knowledge and skills to effectively utilize across challenging situations. Advanced level programming is more specialized in nature and allows the attendee to integrate and enhance their knowledge and skills to magnify improved application techniques and concepts. Content at this level involves challenging scenarios with practical ideas, solutions and process improvements related to the competency area.


Designed to go beyond fundamental knowledge and includes more depth to teach proficiency in the application of technologies, concepts, or enhanced skills. Intermediate content is designed to provide competence in application and understanding of the limitations of concepts leading to the integration of enhanced skills. This programming could also serve as a refresher course for attendees who have a background in the content area and are interested in learning more contemporary applications.


Designed to introduce attendees to technologies, concepts, and specialized skills for the first time by providing a fundamental base of knowledge. The content is focused on concepts and how they can be applied to practice. Foundational sessions may also be related to an emerging area of knowledge or practice and/or general subject knowledge.

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