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Winning Cities Deliver Online Community Development Services

Leaders Embrace Tech for Community Engagement

City and county leaders' goals have changed. Leaders look for smarter ways to plan around unprecedented population shifts and preserve their community's quality of life. Dramatic population shifts, stronger competition to attract company headquarters, and a new sense of city appeal drive the implementation of public sector-focused technology to connect their communities for higher engagement.

Connections and Engagement Goals Drive PUBLIC-SECTOR Technology Implementation

Two Tyler Excellence Award (TEA) winning cities highlight how online solutions connect constituents with local government, opening the doors to engagement. Goochland County, Virginia, and the Town of Prosper, Texas, implemented Enterprise Permitting & Licensing to meet higher expectations for the transparency, information, and convenience that creates an engaged community. Our TEA winners shared how they leverage technology to meet their goals.

Transparency and Online Capabilities Improving Permitting and Licensing

Goochland County, Virginia, rests on the outskirts of the Richmond Metro region. Home to roughly 24,000 residents, Goochland was named the second fastest-growing locality in the area, prompting county leaders to balance sustainable growth policies with the high quality of life this county is known for.

Staying true to its rural nature and sustainable growth policies, Goochland implemented Tyler's Civic Access web portal and Payment solutions for convenience and transparency in their permitting and licensing processes. Sara Worley, the economic development director for the county, happily reported the implementation's success since going live in November of 2022. "Our customers and citizens love applying, paying, and tracking their permits online," Worley said. "They now have full access to their permit and plan status and inspection results."

Online transparency refined the development life cycle from applications to issuance. Worley indicated that 52% of their permits are processed online since going live with issuance timeframes cut in half.

Goochland sees the benefits of Tyler's automated Payments, with over 50% of payment volume now online. The ability to take credit cards is an overall implementation win.

Intuitive Solutions and Smarter Inspection Software Enhance Community Health

The Town of Prosper, Texas' charm appeals to families and businesses, making it a quickly growing community. The population is projected to reach 72,000 residents, creating a balancing act between community development and constituent satisfaction. With these goals in mind, online services and engagement tools are necessary.

As an organization fulfilling a culture of excellence and service, Prosper's leaders sought technology supporting more agile functionality while engaging with the community. The town implemented Decision Engine, part of the Enterprise Permitting & Licensing, application to deliver an in-person level of assistance on the Civic Access web portal. Offering 24/7 access to submit applications online and guiding them through the Town's unique ordinances to the correct application type benefits the community two-fold with shorter processing turnaround times and higher-level customer experience.

Prosper opened new channels to interact with local government online, 24/7 leveraging Tyler's Payment application. Contractors and the public conveniently and securely pay fees while moving their application to the next step in the process. As a result, the Town of Prosper community is happier and more confident in local government.


Managing community growth while preserving residents' quality of life requires the right solutions. Cloud-based, intuitive software connects agencies, staff, and constituents through visibility and access, balancing faster growth with safer, satisfied residents. Learn more about how these winning municipalities delivered online community development.


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June 1, 2023