Disposition and Development of Property

City of Douglas

Douglas, WY

The City of Douglas (“CITY”) is seeking proposals to facilitate the disposition and development of Meadow Acres property.

The City of Douglas has accepted donation of 24+/- acres of land from brothers Art and Rob Paterson (Douglas Holdings, LLC). The unimproved land is platted into 91 residential lots and has a fair market value of $569,154. The donated land sits west of the Platte River, between Flicker Street and W. Richards Street.

It is the desire of the City to see the property developed as housing, consistent with the demands identified in the 2019 Housing Study. In addition, the land provides an opportunity to achieve City Council’s approved strategic plan goal to work toward abundant, affordable housing and transportation connectivity.

Please note, the City is interested in using this property to increase the availability of affordable housing. Proposals that demonstrate a commitment to this outcome will be viewed more favorably.

The City is committed to providing the following as part of the development of the Meadow Acres property:

  • Land: The City owns the land fee simple and is committed to transferring the land to developers who best achieve the desired outcomes, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Infrastructure: The City has approved the plan and budget for the extension of Windriver Drive from the north to the south.

The developer will be required to install all necessary road and utility infrastructure.

Responses are more likely to be viewed favorably if they are concise and specific. Overly lengthy or elaborate proposals will be interpreted to mean that the proposer did not properly understand this Request for Expression of Interest. All documentation submitted with a response shall be submitted electronically in PDF format. The City is not interested in detailed graphics, conceptual plans or renderings at this point in the process.

The City recognizes that time is of the essence and it is the intention to see construction commence in 2020.

After a preliminary review, the City may choose to request interviews with potential candidates. Upon selection, the City will offer an Exclusive Right to Negotiate (“ERN”) to the developer. The ERN will provide for a period to negotiate the terms of property disposition and schedule. Please note, as a property asset, the City will seek to include reversion clauses in the terms should the developer fail to perform.

All development agreements are subject to approval by City Council of Douglas. Staff makes no warranty or representation that any development agreement will be approved, only that it will be provided for consideration and presented in good faith by staff.

It is the intention of the City to accept proposals until an agreement is reached. Updates will be posted as necessary.


Request Type
Monday, February 17, 2020