Master Street Plan

Tyler Area MPO

Tyler, TX

Master Street Plan is a long-range master plan for the orderly development of an efficient roadway transportation system. Most importantly, it defines an interconnected hierarchical system of current and proposed roadways that is required to meet the anticipated long-term growth within the area. A Master Street Plan is a means of assuring that basic infrastructure needs and right-of-way will be available when travel demand or development warrants new or improved roadway facilities. The objective of this update is to reevaluate the performance of the transportation network, make appropriate edits to the street designations, and provide clear recommendations to the staff and the public for implementation.

Although the MSP update will build upon previous plans and adopted policies, respondents to this RFQ are encouraged to assemble a broad-based team of consultants that have demonstrable experience and skill in long-range transportation plan development. Proposers are invited to submit demonstrated competence and qualifications of their ability to provide these services. The information contained within this document is intended to provide interested firms or individuals with the requirements and criteria that will be used to make the selection.

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Friday, February 7, 2020