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Lyon Square is a City of Grand Rapids Park located at the terminus of Lyon Street at the Grand River and currently includes an amphitheater and river walk. Lyon Street includes everything west of Monroe Avenue up to Lyon Square, and includes public space adjacent to the Amway Grand Plaza, Windquest, Exhibitors Building, and the Convention Center.

While one project, Lyon Square and Lyon Street reconstruction have different priorities and opportunities. The Lyon Square portion of the project has the following goals:

  • To provide enhanced green space through the design and installation of canopy trees, landscape planters and green infrastructure.
  • To provide more opportunities to linger near the river by creating public seating, event space, outdoor lighting, and new paving.
  • To improve the existing portion of the Grand River trail.
  • To supplement and enhance prior interventions at The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck.

The Lyon Street portion of project has the following goals:

  • To provide a new snowmelt system.
  • To provide enhanced public space activation and meaningful public space connection through a design that is informed by the business and property owners along the street.
  • Provide more opportunities to linger in the space by creating public seating, outdoor cafe seating, event space, outdoor lighting, and new paving. Infrastructure enhancements, such as increased electrical outlets and utility connections, may be required to support the increased activation.
  • Balance the service needs related to drop-offs and trash storage/removal for the hotel and Convention Center with the design of a high-quality and activated pedestrian space. This may include the design of a shared street space as part of the solution.


Based on the work completed during prior planning and conceptual design processes, there is no public engagement anticipated for this project. The engagement and client collaboration for both Lyon Square and Lyon Street will be primarily with the City of Grand Rapids, CAA, AHC, Rockford Construction and DGRI staff (Client Team) through meetings. Additional meetings with adjacent business and property owners (Stakeholder Group) will also be required. Public meetings to review design concepts and update DGRI and City boards and commissions are also anticipated.

The following is an outline of a minimum scope of work to achieve the desired outcome, though project teams are strongly encouraged to develop their own scope and schedule as part of their proposal.


  • Facilitate meetings with Client and Stakeholder Group and applicable City Departments
  • Conduct review meetings with Client Team and Stakeholder Group including but not limited to:
    • Project Kick-off
    • Space programming
    • 30/60/90% Review Process
    • Review with City’s Development Center for building code review prior to 60% design
    • Check Print Submittal
    • Attend Design Team review (as-needed)
    • Final Design (post Check-Print & Design Team process)
  • Deliver plans, documents, and Engineer’s Estimate to meet City standards and current City of Grand Rapids CAD Standards.
  • Manage outside consultants, hired by your firm, in keeping with the scope of work
  • Maintain insurance requirements.
  • Comply with City of Grand Rapids Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination and Supplier Diversity policies.


  1. Conduct a design kick-off meeting to discuss the project with the Client Team, obtain available information, and perform a site inspection to review existing conditions.
  2. Review as-built information.
  3. Review and identify City of Grand Rapids zoning requirements (green space, trail setbacks, signage, etc).
  4. Prepare a boundary and topographic survey of the project area as required for the preparation of design and construction documents. Survey should include ownership boundaries.
  5. Conduct design development review meetings with Client Team and Stakeholder Group to review design refinements and the Final Preferred Design.
  6. Develop a preliminary project schedule (and phasing plan if needed).
  7. Complete an Opinion of Probable Construction Cost (OPC) for the Final Preferred Design of the project area.
  8. Present at the City’s Design Team for overall project coordination with City infrastructure, planning, storm water, traffic safety, fire, and police departments for various inputs that may impact the design and OPC. Presentations to the Planning Commission for project approvals may also be required.
  9. Incorporate the various review comments and produce a 30% deliverable in the form of site plans with supportive plans as required. This will form 30% completion of the project and achieve Owner approval to proceed with the next segment of the project.


  1. Conduct 60% and 90% review meetings with Client Team for concurrence of the intent of the proposed construction plans and specifications.
  2. Refine OPCs for 60% and 90% construction plans. The OPC shall be based on the current market for construction materials and labor in the region, and shall provide the Client Team with an up to date understanding of the cost to complete construction. This will be the opportunity to recommend adjustments and refinements to the construction scope in order to remain within the available project budget.
  3. Base bid items versus alternate based priority and available funding shall be considered.
  4. Prepare complete and accurate construction documents ready for advertising and bidding.
  5. Assist with obtaining the necessary permits and City approvals, where applicable.
  6. Perform final design and bidding services to include final “bid quality” construction documents.
  7. Provide assistance to the Client Team through the bid phase, coordinate the Pre-Bid meeting and prepare addenda as necessary.
  8. Review the submitted bids and interview selected bidders prior to making a recommendation for award; furnish letter of recommendation of award.
  9. Construction Administration Services may be requested at a later date.


Proposals submitted shall be limited to ten (10) pages including all pages, except proposal cover. The proposal should include the following information:

  1. A summary of project understanding including the project expectations and opportunities.
  2. A firm overview of proposed lead consultant and any subconsultants proposed to work on the project including an organizational chart with all project team members identified. Given the project area is publicly owned by the City of Grand Rapids, and the City will hold construction contracts, respondents are requested to follow the City policies related to Supplier Diversity, Equal Opportunity Employment and Non-Discrimination.
  3. A description of your proposed staffing including condensed resumes/bios of employees assigned to this project. Provide resumes/bios for the responsible Principal, Project Manager, and key project staff. Staff listed must be the same as those working on the project.
  4. A description of experience in completing work of this type, including at least three (3) examples and project references. Examples shall be with work on similar projects in an urban context.
  5. A description of your proposed work plan for completing this project, including a schedule of work.
  6. Your professional fee for completing the work as described and broken out separately for each phase of the identified scope. Fees shall include all tasks and staffing necessary to complete the project as outlined above and within your submitted proposal. All reimbursable expenses incurred shall be included in this fee. Include standard hourly rates for all staff levels in the proposal.
  7. Separate fee to furnish Construction Administrative Services (if requested at a later date).
  8. Additional information – Present any data or information which you consider pertinent to the selection process. Information should be kept relevant to the project.


Professional fee shall include the following:

  1. Labor to achieve project scope of work.
  2. Site investigations including soil borings and survey.
  3. Project budgeting.
  4. Code/Zoning Ordinance review as required.
  5. Take Concept Design from conception to bid for project.
  6. Assist in managing bid process.
  7. Conduct meetings and produce minutes.


Anticipated deliverables include the following:

  1. Code Review Summary
  2. Data gathering: summary of issues/concerns of Client Team; summary of private and public utilities including age, condition, and recommended improvements; summary of recommended improvements.
  3. Electronic submittal to Client Team of 30%, 60%, & 90% review documents. Electronic copy to be sent 3 days prior to meeting for review; including related OPCs.
  4. Three sets of construction documents (drawing sets on bond paper) delivered at final review meeting.
  5. Electronic submittal to Client Team of 100% plans & specifications for review prior to final submittal.
  6. Electronic submittal to Client Team of Final, City approved plans, specifications and OPC for Bidding Documents.
  7. Submittals as required to secure all City approval, prior to bidding and construction.
    • Final plans, specifications, and Engineer’s estimate meeting City requirements for Bidding Documents (If EGLE involvement is needed list additional documents as required).
      • Specifications; 1 hard copy and 1 CD or Flash Drive stick; in Microsoft Word format.
      • Drawings; 1 set hard copy –Mylar Cover and bond copy other sheets
      • 1 CD or Flash Drive stick - CAD and PDF formats
  8. Proposal to furnish Construction Administration/Inspection Phase Services (if requested at a later date).
  9. Project specifications will be formatted in the current CSI Master Format
  10. Distribution of bidding documents to contractors.


Project approach including schedule: 30%

Strength and diversity of project team: 20%

Ability to meet objectives: 20%

Similar project experience: 15%

Clarity and responsiveness of proposal: 10% Professional fee: 5%


NTE $6,000,000


All interested consultants are encouraged to send an email to Mark Miller ( to register their intent to respond to this RFP. All firms expressing interest will be added to an email distribution list and will be notified if additional information related to the RFP becomes available. Firms failing to register in this manner may not receive all information relevant to the preparation of their proposals.


Any questions regarding the proposal may be submitted by email to Mark Miller (mmiller@ Questions may be submitted up until 5pm Friday, August 21, 2020. Responses will be sent to all registered participants no later than 5pm on Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

PROPOSAL AND PROCESS DATES (subject to change)

RFP Issued: August 5, 2020

RFP Questions Due: August 21, 2020

Response to Questions: August 25, 2020

Proposals Due: September 1, 2020, 1pm

Consultant Selection: September 2020

Bid Documents Completed: February 2021

Construction Commenced: Summer 2021


A digital copy of the proposal in PDF format is due by 1 p.m. on Tuesday September 1, 2020, and shall be emailed to

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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