Comprehensive Plans

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Winnebago, NE

Date: August 10, 2020

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Development of Comprehensive Plans

I. Background Information

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska (“Tribe”) is announcing a request for proposal (“RFP”) for comprehensive community planning to review where the Tribe has been, where it is now, and what it should be for future generations. The comprehensive community plan developed pursuant to this RFP will be a resource for current and future Tribal leaders and community members and will be used to apply for Federal, state, or local planning and development grants.

The Tribe is seeking a qualified consultant (“Consultant”) with expertise in community planning and who has completed similar work in the past to develop a Five-Year Comprehensive Plan and Ten-Year Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan shall include the following themes: Business/Government, Communication/IT, Food Security, Education, Healthcare, Housing/Infrastructure, and Utility/Energy. Consultant will work collaboratively with the Planning and Development Department personnel. All community development planners are invited to submit their bids.

The Tribe is federally recognized and organized under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act. The Winnebago Indian Reservation is primarily located in Thurston County, Nebraska in Northeast Nebraska with Tribal offices located in Winnebago, Nebraska.

II. Scope of Work

  1. Research and Information Gathering Phase. Consultant shall work with the Planning and Development Department and other Tribal Officials to review historical and current trends and data on topics such as population, membership, Tribal government, social services, health care services and wellness, education, employment, natural resources development, economic development, the environment, spiritual values, and infrastructure. Consultant shall then review and assess such trends and data. The information gathering phase will likely include meetings with persons in Tribal Government, members of the Tribe, other governmental officials, and community members. Meetings with community members shall include focus group sessions to include an initial/kick-off meeting, collection of community members visions, and collection of community members ideas to support the vision. Consultant shall also gather necessary data, statistics, and mapping.
  1. Goal Identification Phase. Based on the information gathering phase, Consultant shall work with the Planning and Development Department and Tribal Officials to identify goals, topics, objectives and/or benchmarks to be addressed by the Five-Year and Ten-Year Comprehensive Plans. Following work with focus groups to identify goals and objectives that support the vision, the goals and objectives will be shared with the community via a survey to provide input on prioritizing. Organize goals, topics, objectives, and align benchmarks; and with focus groups.
  1. Review of Goals. Consultant shall present a written summary of action taken with respect to information gathering and a written summary of the Consultant’s recommended goals, topics, objectives and/or benchmarks to be addressed in the long-range comprehensive plans to Planning and Development Director and CEO for review. Upon satisfactory review the plan shall be presented to the Tribal Council. Based on feedback from the Planning and Development Director, CEO, and members of Tribal Council, Consultant may amend the goals, topics, objectives and/or benchmarks to be addressed in such comprehensive plans. Subsequent meetings with Planning and Development Director, CEO, and members of the Tribal Council may be necessary until consensus is reached on the final goals, topics, objectives and/or benchmarks to be included in each of the Five-Year and Ten-Year Comprehensive Plans.
  1. Development of Five-Year and Ten-Year Comprehensive Plans. Utilizing all available information and data, Consultant shall develop a Five-Year Comprehensive Plan and a Ten-Year Comprehensive Plan. At minimum, the Plans shall include sections on:
    1. What is a comprehensive plan and the reasons to have one;
    2. History of the Tribe;
    3. Tribal Government;
    4. Predictions for Future Growth and Development
    5. Goals, Topics, Objectives, and/or Benchmarks;
      1. For each goal, topic, objective, and benchmark, and as appropriate how the Tribe’s culture, values, and identity can be incorporated shall be considered.
      2. Strategies and projects to address the goal, topic, objective, and benchmark.
      3. Economic, financial, social, environmental, and governmental factors involved with each strategy or project.
      4. Estimated timelines for development and implementation of strategies and projects.
  1. Presentation of Five-Year and Ten-Year Comprehensive Plans. Consultant shall submit drafts of the comprehensive plans to the Planning and Development Director, CEO, and Tribal Council for feedback and review. Consultant shall make revisions and finalize the plans. A final report/presentation on the comprehensive plan shall be presented to the Tribal Council, and then to the focus groups and community at large.

III. Contents of Proposal

In its proposal, Bidder shall submit, at minimum, Bidder’s credentials and qualifications; a brief summary of any prior experiences which make Bidder qualified to perform the Scope of Work; if Bidder is not an individual, the names and credentials and qualifications of the individuals who will be performing the Scope of Work; the Bidder’s ability to complete the Scope of Work within the timeline requested (see Section IV. Timeline below); and billing rates and terms.

IV. Timeline

Bids shall be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on September 10, 2020, to Joy Johnson, Planning and Development Director. US MAIL: Mailed copies may be sent to P.O. Box 687, Winnebago, Nebraska, 68071. DELIVERED: Hand delivered and courier copies may be delivered to Blackhawk Community Center, 205 North Bluff Street, Winnebago, Nebraska. EMAIL: Due to COVID19, emailed copies will also be accepted. Email to Questions regarding this RFP should be submitted to Joy Johnson at 402-878-2272 X 2703.

The Tribe shall notify the successful bidder of the acceptance of the bid in writing. Prior to performing any services, the successful bidder and the Tribe shall enter into a contract for services, which will be negotiated and finalized after the bid has been awarded.

Items 1 - 5 under the Scope of Work related to completion of the comprehensive plans shall be completed by the successful bidder within one year from the notification of the successful bid.

V. Preference Policy

Pursuant to the Procurement Policy of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, to the greatest extent feasible, preference shall be given to Indians, Indian Organizations or Indian-Owned economic enterprises in the area of all contracts and subcontracts.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

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