Housing Element, Climate Action Plan, Environmental Justice & Safety Elements Update

City of Hayward

Hayward, CA

The City of Hayward was awarded a Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) Grant for housing policy related activities. A copy of the grant application is attached for reference. The grant was awarded for the following general activities:

  • Rezoning and encouraging development by updating planning documents and zoning ordinances and general plans.
  • Rezonings to comply with housing element requirements and state law.
  • Upzoning of and other implementation measures to intensify land use patterns.
  • Preparing and adopting the sixth cycle housing element.
  • Zoning for by-right supportive and transitional housing including, but not limited to multi-family development, safe parking, safe camping, tiny home developments and other innovative models of affordable, supportive housing.

In addition to the above, the City seeks to update its Climate Action Plan (CAP), which was incorporated into the Hayward 2040 General Plan when it was adopted in 2014. The current CAP policies and programs were developed to guide the activities necessary to achieve Hayward's 2020 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal. In June 2020, the Hayward City Council adopted updated GHG reduction targets, which are described later in this document.

The City of Hayward is seeking one or more experienced consultants to carry out the activities outlined in the grant application and in this RFP. The City's preference is to hire one prime consultant who will manage a team of subconsultants. However, the City is open to having specialty consultants submit for specific tasks or services if they offer a unique and proven service related to one or more of the tasks.

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Friday, June 25, 2021