Housing Study

Elevate Rapid City

Rapid City, SD

Elevate Rapid City is requesting proposals from experienced individuals or firms to provide consulting services for completing the Rapid City & Black Hills Area Housing Study. We seek qualified firms who have experience working with small cities and fast-growing communities.

All submissions must be made via email to Laura Jones by February 18th, 2022 to be eligible for consideration.

Elevate is seeking a qualified consultant to develop a comprehensive housing study to identify a range of implementation tools and strategies to further the overall goal of providing a variety of housing opportunities for all residents of Rapid City and the surrounding communities. A component of the Plan will be to identify and implement proactive programs and policies that advance the goal of developing, preserving, and expanding opportunities for low income and workforce housing development.

The purpose of the plan is to analyze the housing stock and housing market in the Rapid City metro area, inventory existing housing resources, identify gaps in the local housing market, identify trends that may affect the housing market over time, increase homeownership, and develop strategies to address the current and future needs of the community, with the overall goal of ensuring that housing opportunities are provided for households of all types, ages, and income levels.

The plan will help Rapid City agencies, housing providers, housing developers, nonprofit organizations, and decision-makers develop a better understanding of the existing housing market and update intervention strategies including land use and zoning decisions, and encourage housing development projects that meet both market demand and community priorities. The plan should help guide decisions related to the allocation of public funds and other resources.

The following is not intended to be a comprehensive itemization of tasks or activities needed to complete this plan, but rather a guide. Elevate will rely on its consultant's professional expertise to ensure that all pertinent factors are analyzed, and is open to additional or alternative approaches to achieve the overall goal of analyzing housing needs.

The plan will address the following issues for Rapid City and the Black Hills Regions:

  1. Population demographic projections for Rapid City and regional communities.
  2. Existing and future need for housing type based on demographic and economic needs Rapid City and regional communities.
  3. Housing choices for special populations for Rapid City.
  4. Rental Housing Market assessment for Rapid City.
  5. Housing Instability and supportive services for Rapid City.
  6. Market potential to attract new housing development as the needs assessment dictates.
  7. Coordination of housing with land use, schools, services, and transportation infrastructure for Rapid City.
  8. Recommended zoning adjustments to encourage infill housing for Rapid City.
  9. Zoning, permitting, development standards for Rapid City.

A full description of the scope of services can be found here: https://elevaterapidcity.com/resources/request-for-qualifications/

Interested candidates should submit a Statement of Qualifications via email to Laura Jones by February 18th, 2022.

Responses should include:

  1. Title Page
  2. Letter of Transmittal
  3. Project Statement
  4. Statement of Qualifications
  5. Project History & References
  6. Budget Proposal
  7. Project Schedule
  8. Proposed Modifications
  9. Additional Information

Evaluation criteria, additional proposal terms & conditions, and contracting requirements are included in the full RFQ document.

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Friday, February 18, 2022