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    • What's Blocking an ADU Boom?

      Accessory dwelling units are gaining national momentum, but these regulatory and financial hurdles still need to be cleared.
      by: Adina Solomon       September 09, 2021
      Accessory dwelling units are gaining national momentum, but these regulatory and financial hurdles still need to be cleared.
    • Beyond Use Zoning: The Role of Deregulation in Housing Equity

      Zoning Practice — May 2022
      by: John Zeanah, AICP       May 01, 2022
      This issue of Zoning Practice explores how accessory use standards, dimensional standards, and building codes affect opportunities to build missing middle housing. And it highlights how Memphis and other cities are looking beyond use zoning to advance goals of housing equity in reforming codes and policies.
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    • 3 Zoning Changes That Make Residential Neighborhoods More Affordable

      Zoning reform is one of our greatest weapons against rising housing costs. Here's how we can wield it.
      by: Robert Liberty       February 01, 2021
      After 100-plus years of prioritizing single-family zoning, cities and states are welcoming diverse housing types back to the neighborhood.
    • Zoning to Promote Garage Apartments

      Zoning Practice — May 2018
      by: Anne Brown, Vinit Mukhija, Donald Shoup, FAICP       May 01, 2018
      American cities have a large supply of garages that could be converted into affordable apartments, but off-street parking requirements often stand in the way. This issue of Zoning Practice details a proposal for zoning reforms to facilitate garage-to-apartment conversions.
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    • ADUs to the Rescue?

      In the fight to end the housing crisis, California is putting its money — and its legislation — on accessory dwelling units.
      Five new California laws aim to reduce barriers to accessory dwelling units in single-family neighborhoods.
    • Accessory Apartments for Today’s Communities

      Planning Commissioners Journal, November/December 1991
      by: Patrick Hare
      This short article highlights the potential of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as an affordable housing strategy and briefly discusses common barriers to developing ADUs.
    • A Room of One’s Own: Accessory Dwelling Unit Reforms and Local Parochialism

      Urban Lawyer, 45(3): 519–569, 2013
      by: Margaret Brinig, Nicole Garnet
      This article discusses the national trend in state and local regulations toward more permissive regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and presents the findings of a study of local regulations in California.
    • Accessory Dwelling Units: A Smart Growth Tool for Providing Affordable Housing

      Housing News Network, August 2016
      by: Jaimie Ross
      This article provides a general overview of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), discusses potential regulatory barriers to ADUs and state efforts to promote ADUs in Florida, and includes considerations for local zoning ordinances.
    • Understanding and Appraising Properties with Accessory Dwelling Units

      The Appraisal Journal, Spring 2012
      by: Martin Brown, Taylor Watkins
      This article describes challenges associated with appraising properties with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and proposes an appraisal method based on income capitalization.
    • Accessory Dwelling Units as Low-Income Housing: California’s Faustian Bargain

      Urban Science, 2(3): 89, 2018
      by: Darrel Ramsey-Musolf
      This article evaluates the efficacy of a California statute that permits cities and counties to count accessory dwelling units (ADUs) toward affordable housing production goals.
    • Accessory Housing Is Part of the Solution

      Breakthroughs, January 2004
      This short article summarizes a number of common regulatory barriers to affordable housing. These barriers include process requirements, design standards, occupancy standards, and lot size and parking standards.
    • New Hampshire Says Yes to ADUs

      AARP Livable Communities, May 2018
      by: Peter Morelli
      This article discusses how New Hampshire's zoning enabling law establishes minimum regulatory requirements for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
    • Two Houses in One For a Home Within a Home

      AARP Livable Communities, October 2016
      by: Melissa Stanton
      This article profiles an award-winning design for a multigenerational home, which includes an integrated accessory dwelling unit with a kitchenette.
    • The Great "Yes in My Back Yard" (YIMBY) Movement: Driven by the Gig Economy

      Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law, 29(1): 57-74, 2020
      by: Dwight Merriam, FAICP
      This article explores increased interest in accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as one manifestation of the gig economy.
    • The Commissioner — October 2018

      In The Commissioner's October 2018 issue: "Seattle Fine-Tunes Backyard Cottages," "On Quasi-Judicial Decision Making," "A New Approach to Redistricting," and "History at Your Fingertips."
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    • Zoning for Accessory Housing

      Zoning Practice — July 2012
      by: Thomas Daniels       July 01, 2012
      This issue of Zoning Practice outlines a strategy for incorporating accessory housing standards into local zoning codes and highlights a few examples of communities where this approach has been effective.
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    • Making Room for Mom and Dad

      Multigenerational families are seeking new housing types.
      Families look for housing that can accommodate aging relatives.

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