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    • Seattle, WA, P-Patch Community Gardening

      Updated 2021
      This web page provides information and background on Seattle's P-Patch program, which is a national model for city-run community gardens.
    • San Francisco, CA, Urban Agricultural Program

      Updated 2018
      This web page offers resources to support urban agricultural in San Francisco, CA.
    • New York, NY, Green Thumb

      Updated November 2021
      This web page offers a several resources for the city's more than 500 resident-run community gardens.
    • Chicago, IL, Developing a New Community Garden

      Updated 2021
      This web page provides several resources to promote community gardening in parks.
    • Vancouver, BC, Growing Food

      This web page offers links to additional information and resources on a range of urban agriculture activities and efforts in the city.
    • Fort Collins, CO, Urban Agriculture

      This web page lists the city's accomplishments in implementing City Plan policies regarding urban agriculture, including land use and city code changes to allow urban agriculture in all zone districts, address urban livestock, and exempt hoop houses from building permit requirements.

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