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    • Agricultural Conservation Easements

      April 2019
      by: Julia Freedgood, Jennifer Dempsey
      This fact sheet provides definitions for agricultural conservation easements, gives an overview of its history, and describes some of the benefits and risks of this farmland protection tool.
    • Agricultural District Programs

      September 2016
      This fact sheet describes state-level agricultural district programs and gives an overview of the history of the program.
    • Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements

      November 2020
      by: Farmland Information Center
      This fact sheet defines purchase of agricultural conservation easement (PACE) programs, gives an overview of the history of PACE programs, and describes their function and purpose.
    • 2021 Status of State Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement Programs

      September 2021
      by: Jennifer Dempsey, Laura Barley
      This fact sheet from the American Farmland Trust’s Farmland Information Center tracks the status and summarizes important information about the 27 purchase of agricultural conservation easement (PACE) programs currently active among U.S. states.
    • Farmland Protection Policy Act

      June 2021
      This fact sheet gives an overview of the Farmland Protection Policy Act (FPPA), which is part of the 1981 Farm Bill and addresses the need to minimize the degree to which federal projects contribute to the conversion of farmland to other uses.
    • Protecting California Farmland and Ranchland

      May 2020
      This fact sheet gives an overview of California's Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program (SALC), a program established to help protect the state farmland and ranchland.
    • The Farmland Protection Toolbox

      PAS QuickNotes 36
      by: Jennifer Demsey
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes presents an overview of the tools most commonly used locally to reduce farm and ranch land conversion and to permanently protect agricultural land.
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