New Orleans, LA, Master Plan

Updated September 2017

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Table of Contents

Capital Improvements Programming

The city’s comprehensive plan includes a section on the capital improvement plan in its implementation chapter (Chapter 15, Goal 4). This section includes policy recommendations for capital improvements planning and discusses the relationship between the CIP and the comprehensive plan (Chapter 15 p. 3).

Hazard Mitigation

The city’s comprehensive plan includes extensive hazard mitigation policy recommendations in its Environmental Stewardship, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Change chapter. 

This chapter establishes a goal to prepare for future disasters and policies to invest in pre-disaster planning and infrastructure improvements and to include climate change and equity in the city’s hazard mitigation planning (Goal 4). And it includes an implementation program with specific actions.

Urban Agriculture

The city's comprehensive plan addresses urban agriculture, gardening, and open space in its Environmental Quality element. It sets a goal of allowing ample opportunity for all residents to participate in and benefit from urban agriculture and community gardening. The recommended strategies is to support and promote urban ag and community gardens on public and private property; recommended actions include removing zoning and regulatory barriers, encouraging growing food on public and private lands, inventorying potential garden sites, making blighted land available for gardens, exploring community orchard development, providing city incentives for urban agriculture uses, establishing schoolyard greening programs, exploring creation of a conditional use permit for community garden food sales, and exploring additional funding opportunities.

New Orleans, LA

2010 Population: 343,829

2010 Population Density: 2,029.41/square mile