Universal Mobility as a Service: A Bold Vision for Harnessing the Opportunity of Disruption

August 2018

By: AARP, Jana Lynott

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Table of Contents

Autonomous Vehicles | Smart Cities

This report presents a vision for applying transportation technologies to provide equitable mobility services. Individual sections define universal mobility as a service and address universal design in transportation, other equity considerations for mobility services, the role of driverless vehicles, and building blocks for universal mobility as a service.

Shared Mobility

This report expands on the concept of Mobility as a Service toward one that addresses the different needs and abilities of all mobility users. It addresses the need for a more inclusive transportation system by first recognizing that millions of individuals are isolated from social life in their communities for not having full access to the available transportation system. Different chapters of this report explore Universal Mobility as a Service, a concept that seeks to ensure that all transportation options are accessible to all users.