Rochester, NY, Rochester 2034

Adopted November 2019

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Table of Contents

Climate Change

The city’s comprehensive plan addresses climate change adaptation and mitigation in its Sustaining Green and Active Systems Initiative. It includes strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change through coordinated planning, plan implementation, and performance monitoring (Goal CC-1), use city resources to achieve climate action planning goals (Goal CC-2), and improve building energy performance and sustainability (Goal CC-3).

Urban Agriculture

The city's comprehensive plan includes a sustaining green and active systems initiative that addresses urban agriculture and community gardens. It provides an overview of community gardens and urban agriculture, presents the city's operational support to community gardens, the zoning provisions that allow for urban agriculture, and some of the challenges with the practice. The action plan includes goals, strategies, and partners to lead the listed strategy. It identifies three goals, including supporting urban agriculture as a valid option for vacant land and buildings, facilitating community gardening on city-owned vacant land, and exploring innovative urban agriculture initiatives

Rochester, NY

2010 Population: 210,565

2010 Population Density: 5,884.83/square mile